Awards Its "Chivalry Role Model of the Month" Accolades for April 2015 to Repeat-Winners Matt Lauer and Al Roker of NBC's Today Show

In recognition of chivalrous gestures demonstrated during recent airings of the Today Show on NBC-TV, hosts Matt Lauer and Al Roker have each been awarded “Chivalry Role Model of the Month” accolades by for April 2015. Each of these men previously won the award, (Lauer in March 2014, Roker in January 2015) demonstrating the kind of behavior that sets a gentlemanly standard for men to model.

Philadelphia, PA, May 04, 2015 –(– In honor of their publicly visible acts of chivalry on recent broadcasts of NBC-TV’s “Today Show,” Matt Lauer and Al Roker have each been awarded the honor of “Chivalry Role Model of the Month” for April, 2015. The recognition by honors visible gestures of chivalry, grandiose or small, which demonstrate the impact that positive gestures by men can have.

During an outdoor segment of “Today” on April 14th, guest co-host Hoda Kotb, wearing a sleeveless dress, was standing next to Mr. Lauer and it was clear the temperature was cooler than she’d anticipated for the show. As soon as she expressed that she was cold, Matt Lauer took off his jacket and placed it across her shoulders to warm her up. He continued the outdoor segment in shirt and tie.

The following week, also during an outdoor segment for which the hosts stand near the crowd in the Today Show Plaza, it started to drizzle as Al Roker was about to deliver the weather. The hosts had no umbrellas, and Mr, Roker doffed his hat and put in on the head of co-host Tamron Hall to protect her from the rain.

The awards to Messrs. Lauer and Roker are noteworthy in that each previously had received recognition as “Chivalry Role Model of the Month” in March 2014 and January 2015 respectively. The repeat award belies a degree of character which shows chivalry as a continuing mark of behavior that is distinctive and respectable.

Relationship expert John Rasiej of remarks, “Chivalry is one way that the class of a gentleman is on display, and having men do it in very visible ways serves as an important example other men can model. At a time when younger men and boys face uncertainty about proper behavior toward women, this can show them how valuable their perception as men of good character can be.

“Shining a light on positive role models displaying admirable qualities increases the more awareness by men and appreciation by women for chivalry. For young men and boys in particular at a time when cultural standards have slipped, reminders such as these offer a valuable example to which they can aspire.”

Mr. Rasiej, founder of, selected Matt Lauer and Al Roker not because either gesture was grandiose or complex but precisely because they were subtle and done with ease and simplicity. Chivalry consists of many small gestures such as these. is on a mission to rekindle the sincere practice of chivalrous behavior by men toward women. More information is available at and at the blog on that website.
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