Broadband Market in Israel Heats Up

Dec. 4, 2006 – Israel is rapidly emerging as an interesting broadband battlefield. The most recent inoculation came on September 2006, with the launch of 5 Mb/s services from Bezeq (Israeli incumbent) and HOT Telecom (cable operator). It is a significant offering, 3 Mb/s up from 2 Mb/s market previously.

There’s also a fight between technologies. A claim is staked by Bezeq with DSL deployment, whereas HOT has committed itself to cable broadband & it’s currently having approximately 390,000 of estimated 1.1 Million high-speed Internet enabled Israeli households.

Even as the scuffle has shifted to five major Internet Service Providers (ISPs) in Israel employing one of networking technologies, it may still be not so cheap for the consumers. At present, Israelis have to pay US$ 33 monthly for sign on subscriptions, however the providers are expectant that the market will accept US$ 133 monthly by November 2006 when full pricing begins.

Global experience signifies that the launch pad for high-speed Internet’s high penetration rates is special content’s development. The greater is the supply, the higher will be the number of subscribers. Content firms are offering an array of products encompassing games, music, TV channels, VOD movies, distance learning, interactive channels, and others.

RNCOS has recently published a report namely “Middle East and Africa Broadband Sector Analysis (2007)” As per the report, “Telecom sector in Israel is the most robust and largest in Middle East. Level of broadband penetration is increasing at a CAGR (compound annual growth rate) of 145%. Low price of the service is the main reason behind the rising demand for broadband services in the country. For instance, tariffs of Bezeq are low in comparison to other countries: US$ 20 monthly compared with around US$ 40 elsewhere.

This research report “Middle East and Africa Broadband Sector Analysis (2007)” also addresses some interesting issues for today’s Global business environment:

– Future outlook of the Broadband market in Middle East and Africa.
– Identify brand leaders, market and understand competitive environment.
– Key strategies and challenges of the industry.
– Get an insight into the trends in market performance.
– Emerging technologies in the Broadband Sector in Middle East and Africa.
– Pinpoint sectors of growth and identify driving factors.

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