Burn the House Down, with the Hot Hand Advantage Black Jack DVD

Dec. 20, 2006 – Brett’s Black Jack strategy system is unique and different from other systems and leans towards a more aggressive approach to card counting, while staying true to the basic strategy in many regards. This system has been proven by Brett “The Mechanic” & Blackjack Professional (Pro) in thousands of hours of playing time winning in a large number of Las Vegas casinos.

Winning blackjack can be achieved easily by following Brett’s black jack win strategy.

Ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes in the game of Blackjack? Wish you had the secret tips and advice that can increase your winnings? With years of experience, Brett for the first time shares with you little known facts, strategies and insights about the real world of casino Blackjack that can help make you a winning player and give you an advantage over any casino in the world. After reviewing Brett’s “Hot Hand Advantage”, you’ll be able to walk up to any casino’s Blackjack table armed with the insider’s knowledge and confidence that you can win consistently at the game of Blackjack.

You’ll learn how to spot the different kinds of dealers. Find out which kind of game is best in 2006…single deck, double deck, four decks out of a shoe? Only one of them is ideal and you’ll find which one—and why—on this DVD. You’ll also find out what common mistakes dealers make that can legally be turned to your favor. Learn about unique situations where a losing hand is actually a winning hand. Brett explains all in this fascinating, fast paced 45-minute video.

If you’ve never won at Blackjack and think it’s impossible to consistently win, then you’ll want to get Brett’s “Hot Hand Advantage” and learn what other Blackjack players have found—a system that is different and that really works.

The Hot Hand Advantage DVD and game is available on the Hot Hand Advantage website (http://www.hothandadvantage.com). Why wait! Buy the greatest Black jack strategy system ever offered and as Brett says “Burn the House Down, with the Hot Hand Advantage!”

To know more about the Brett’s Black jack strategy system, contact Brett directly via email at brett@hothandadvantage.com

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