Business Intelligence firm launches subscription-based reporting solution

BITracks, a consulting firm dedicated to delivering business intelligence (BI) expertise, has decided to broaden their offerings by going to market with their flagship reporting product, FAST Track Reports.
Since 2005, James Miller, president of the Cincinnati-based firm, has focused solely on providing BI training and consulting services. However, after working with several clients who expressed a need to simplify their reporting needs and improve the way they utilize internal resources, he went to work with his BI subject matter experts to develop FAST Track Reports, an easy-to-use and install reporting solution.
“The need became abundantly clear after hearing our clients express concern over how much of their users’ day was spent in performing repetitive tasks while simply running reports. After realizing how much time could be saved, we went to work” Miller explained. “Creating this solution was a ‘needs driven’ process, allowing us to focus on user feedback from day one.”
The solution got its start after working with a large Cincinnati-based consumer product goods company who wanted a one-stop shop for all of their reporting needs. They were accessing multiple reports through different links, and after installing FAST Track Reports, their end users were able to navigate to one page for all of their reports. Since the solution was installed in September 2012, the company continues to experience success in terms of increased productivity, cost savings and end-user adoption and satisfaction.
“FAST Track Reports is unlike any other product as it’s fully compatible with Microsoft’s SSRS and Report Manager,” Miller said. “It’s easy-to-install and very cost-effective, allowing companies of any size to quickly get control of their reporting processes.”
As a testament to their confidence in FAST Track Reports, they are providing demo access as well as complimentary 30 day trial offers to potential clients who want to give it a test drive through their solution’s site page.