C-Track – Vehicle Tracking

Nov. 28, 2006 – The Academy of Plumbing, an approved contractor for the water industry, has reduced its fleet overheads and improved operational productivity using DigiCore’s C-track vehicle tracking and fleet management system. As a result, the company has chosen to expand its vehicle tracking initiative and increase the number of vans fitted with the system from fifteen to twenty-five.

Positional data is sent direct to The Academy of Plumbing’s base in Harlow, Essex, and is relayed via a plasma screen so office-based employees can monitor the exact whereabouts and status of the mobile service team. This has enabled the company to effectively manage Congestion Charge payments, minimising related costs and fines, whilst enhancing job response times and customer service levels through improved job scheduling and work allocation.

Terry Rayner at The Academy of Plumbing commented: “The C-track system has demonstrated the value vehicle tracking can offer to our business, providing an effective means to monitor our service management team and delivering tangible operational benefits. The service and enthusiasm we have received from DigiCore has been first-rate and has ensured that the initiative has been seamlessly introduced to our fleet operation to achieve maximum benefits.”

Tom O’Connor, Managing Director of DigiCore Ltd said: “We are committed to supporting our customer’s businesses by providing market-leading vehicle tracking solutions and optimum service levels. Our partnership with The Plumbing Academy underlines the effectiveness of the C-track system and the measurable benefits it can provide to operators within the utilities and service management sectors.”

C-track is a sophisticated fleet management system that adopts the latest technology to provide a comprehensive real-time vehicle management tool. This proven solution provides vital information about mobile assets and workforce, and offers a scaleable mobile solution that meets the complex needs of car, van and commercial vehicle fleet operators.

About The Academy of Plumbing
The Academy of Plumbing is a family-run business that has been established for 30 years. The company, an approved Water Industry Contractor as well as a Thames Water Approved Contractor, operates a 24-hour callout service with no callout charge. The Academy of Plumbing is committed to providing an unrivalled service to its customers, providing both business and operational excellence.

About DigiCore
Digicore is a global company with 15 years experience developing and implementing end-to-end vehicle tracking and fleet management solutions. DigiCore’s advanced C-track technology is fitted to more than 150,000 vehicles operating in 19 countries across 4 continents.

Digicore works in partnership with its customers to develop solutions that deliver measurable business and operational benefits by providing total visibility and control of mobile assets and mobile work forces. DigiCore utilises a range of vehicle location, fleet management, satellite navigation and security tools, to provide commercial vehicle, van and car fleet operators with scaleable solutions that offer flexibility, reliability and functionality.

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