Can Mellow man Bizal Do it All?

Nov. 22, 2006 – For Immediate Release

For more information contact: William Jackson

Can Mellow man Bizal really do it all and corner the Hip-Hop market?

Mellow man Bizal is The C.E.O of Mellow man Production’s. This Bronx River
project’s representitive is fastly becoming one of the undergrounds most well
rounded artist, with smashing performances and innovative approches; Mellow
is sure to have you captivated and guessing what he’ll do next. Producer of
the Book/Movie script “Hood Rich”, Producer of The “The Alley Prodject’s”
D.V.D featuring up comming artist on the Alley Matill label, Producer of his
second album No Frills and proud to announce his first album Split Personal
Produced by Alley Matill Records.The above products have been in the making
over the past three years and are ready for circulation. Rap started in The
Bronx River projects and has now come full circle. “The River has claimed
It’s birth right, and the rap game is not a game any more!” Mellow man Bizal
is the evolution of Hip-Hop; With no 2 songs that sound alike, story lines,
and unique styles.learn more at and at

— End —