Car Dealer Portal Launched, for Dealers of New and Used Cars..

Dec. 20, 2006 – Car Dealer Portal Launched, for Dealers of New and Used Cars; Offers Dealers a Low Cost Platform to Sell Their Cars.The leading websites for cars charge anywhere between $400 to $3,500 per month to car dealers for them to advertise their cars. This could be a thing of the past, with dealers getting at-least one low cost, localized high traffic web-site to sell their cars.Cleveland OH (PRWEB) 12/19/2006 – Car dealers have so far been charged pretty high prices by the leading web-sites, for them to advertise their cars.

This has been quite difficult especially for the smaller car dealers. In general, dealers have been forced to pass on these high costs to customers, thus increasing costs for everyone involved.

In contrast to the above ‘grab as much as you can’ mentality, has offered car dealer plans starting from $0 (yes, there are free plans available), to $39.95 per month. That is less than what most people pay for their cable Internet connection!

This coupled with their focus on generating localized traffic for their clients, makes them ideal for car dealers. ( has a comprehensive database of car dealers in the country, searchable by ZIP code, or a combination of City and State).

Said one car dealer in Cleveland, ‘When we advertise through a site, we are not concerned with overall site traffic. What we are interested is in the number of visitors from Cleveland, who come and look at the cars we are offering. After all, someone from Florida is not going to buy our cars’.

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