Car Insurance Quotes for Top 5 States to Buy Coverage in 2015 Now Included in Search Database at Insurer Website

Every few years in the U.S., the National Association of Auto Insurance Commissioners releases the most expensive states to buy insurance to consumers. The Quotes Pros company has now added insurers from 5 of the least expensive states to obtain car insurance quotes through its database at
The top 5 states based on price decreases between 2006 and 2010 include Colorado, New Jersey, Tennessee, California and Texas. Companies that supply both full coverage and general insurance policies are now featured at the Quotes Pros website during any new search of the system. Every quote in the database that is obtained is generated by listed insurers in selected states.
“There are common factors that agencies evaluate when considering whether to raise or lower premiums for motorists and car theft remains one factor,” said one rep.
While the update to the quotation search system includes the top insurers this year, consumers not living in one of the selected states will still find policies in the database. Since different companies are represented often, it is possible that a person can find a lower priced policy in a state with a higher premium percentage.
“Our system is a go between for consumers and agencies to find coverage in areas of the U.S. where it would normally be required to call insurers by phone to explore prices,” said the rep.
The Quotes Pros website remains updated on a regular schedule to help inform the public about what insurers are now offering. The exchange of providers that now takes place weekly continues to keep the system accurate for auto, health, life and home protection plans that are searchable and comparable on the web.
The company offers consumers the ability to obtain quotations for insurance policies on the web. The company setup its database of national insurers that is accessible on any web-enabled device. The company modifies its system every week of the year to make certain consumers always have updated agency information to explore while researching coverage plan pricing.