Career Partners International Continues Global Growth with New Office Locations in Europe and the United States

Career Partners International, a leading global provider of outplacement, career transition, executive coaching and other talent management services, announced the addition of eight new global office locations. The locations throughout Greece, Norway, Switzerland and Southern California further increase the organization’s ability to provide top-quality talent management services to clients all over the world.
Intersystems Consulting, based in Greece; Medvind Personal AS, based in Norway; Organisation & Training Partners AG, based in Switzerland; and Jo-Anne Smith & Associates, based in California, join the 72 partner firms in 47 countries that make up Career Partners International’s equity ownership. This addition further expands the capabilities of Career Partners International to improve organizational performance and people’s lives every day.
“We are committed to our clients,” commented David P. Hemmer, President and CEO of Career Partners International. “These new offices will further support the growing international needs of our clients through expertise and awareness that is only possible with the localized presence they bring to our organization.”
Career Partners International has seen tremendous global growth throughout 2014, adding 77 offices throughout Europe, South America, the Middle East and North America. The firm expects to continue this growth moving into 2015.
“This is an exciting time for our firm,” said Hemmer. “We will continue to strategically grow our global presence and further demonstrate our commitment to the success of our clients through personalized talent management services with the local expertise necessary to guarantee success.”
About Career Partners International
Career Partners International enhances organizational performance and people’s lives every day! As a global leader in talent management consulting since 1987, organizations of all sizes and industries trust Career Partners International for the very best outcomes to their most challenging and important talent strategies and initiatives. With the most experienced and respected consultants in more than 45 countries, Career Partners International provides clients with one-on-one access to local experts in talent development, career management, executive coaching, outplacement and career transition services to successfully assess, engage, develop and transition talent to drive organizational performance. More information may be found at
About Career Partners International – Greece/Intersystems Consulting
Intersystems Consulting S.A. is a boutique consulting firm with specializations in executive search (career management), outplacement, and executive coaching. Its career management practice is designed to offer a high level of personal service to individuals parting with organizations through one-on-one interaction supported by specialized and experienced individuals as well as a high level of international expertise. Its career management program follows a systematic methodology of direction and support, customized to the personality and needs of each executive, until they successfully transition. Possible transitions include a new employer, self-employment of any kind, or a business venture in some form. For more information, visit
About Career Partners International – Norway/Medvind Personal AS
Medvind Personal AS specializes in companies and people in transition. A focus on personalized coaching and engagement to ensure successful transitions enhances its extensive experience guiding companies through restructuring processes and supporting transitioning employees through career and outplacement centers. Its goal is to provide clients with professional restructuring services to ensure safe and swift transitions for candidates. It also provides companies with performance and executive coaching to improve organizational and individual performance. More information can be found at
About Career Partners International – Switzerland/Organisation & Training Partners AG
Organisation & Training Partners AG (OTP) is a Swiss HR consulting group with a team of more than 80 dedicated professionals providing solution-centered and customer-focused outplacement consulting to clients. Its highly experienced and proactive consultants and coaches have solid business backgrounds and valuable experience leading multi-national projects. Combining four business languages, English, German, French and Italian, with an ability to work in culturally diverse environments provides global co-operation with strong local partners to the firm’s clients. To find out more, visit
About Career Partners International – Westlake Village/Jo-Anne Smith & Associates
Jo-Anne Smith and Associates, Inc. is a career management consulting firm offering services in three areas: career transition/outplacement services, executive coaching/executive team development, and creating returns on employee investment. From small, public or private enterprises, to Fortune 500 organizations, its record of excellence in partnering with companies going through change and bringing immediate expertise, dignity, and impact is second to none. Each member of the firm’s team is dedicated to serving each and every client with executable, innovative, and positive results. Each core team member has held C-Suite leadership roles in corporate America, enabling the team to assist those they serve with strategies to enhance their success in today’s business world. More information can be found at