Carefree Kidz Memorial Day Savings Promo Offers Great Deals on Natura Mattresses

Promo Code: MAY15

Carefree, AZ, May 15, 2015 –(– Arizona-based baby and children’s furniture and décor store Carefree Kidz is currently offering a Memorial Day savings promo that provides 15% off of Natura mattresses, an organic line that caters to those looking to invest in healthy, environmentally friendly furniture.

Made from wool and latex, Natura mattresses are made with natural chemicals and pesticide free-organic materials. With Carefree Kidz’ focus on functionality and creativity, this lines of mattresses reflects their values and standards perfectly.

Organic mattresses are healthier, safer and better for the environment than standard mattresses. Studies have shown that many chemicals contained in non-organic mattresses have toxic effects on the human body that can pose many health problems including neurological damage.

Natura mattresses are designed to provide comfortable, healthy sleep that avoid the common issues with competing products that fail to address serious long term issues such as back pain and restless sleep. With a design that incorporates the finest wools and natural fibers, your child can get the sleep that they need.

Carefree Kidz strives to provide the highest quality products that take the safety and comfort of your child into the highest consideration. With their Memorial Day savings promo, you can take advantage of the opportunity to invest in quality organic mattresses.

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Carefree Kidz is committed to providing quality products that focus on creativity and stimulate a playful spirit in your child. For a closer look at their wide variety of furniture, gear, bedding, décor and toys/gifts for children of all ages, take a look the Care Free Kidz website.
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