Carvell Produced "Breach" to Screen at New York City International Film Festival

Ephrata, PA, May 01, 2015 –(– The Kevin Carvell produced film “Breach”, from director/producer Jonny Zwick, has been nominated for Best USA Documentary Feature at the 2015 New York City International Film Festival and will be screened Tuesday, May 5th at 6PM at Anthology Film Archive, 32 2nd. Ave., New York City.

“Breach”, the first feature documentary film on Iceland’s whaling industry, exposes one nation’s defiant and illegal participation in commercial whale harvesting against a backdrop of worldwide protests and political intrigue.

Iceland, Japan, and Norway are the only countries in the world to continue this archaic practice. And of the three, Iceland is the only country to hunt the endangered Finback whale.

Ignoring international law, the politicians, scientists, and businessmen influencing the decision to continue the hunt believe that these migratory mammals are their resources to exploit. Their intent: disregard international law and set their own killing quotas each hunting season. They will continue their slaughter in order to gain minuscule profits.

Played out against Icelandic nationalism on one hand, and the recent explosion of international whale watching tourism on the other, “Breach” reveals the contradictions and unethical decisions that allow Iceland to continue hunting the world’s largest mammals.

“Breach” is a production of Bow and Arrow Films in association with August Road Films, The Kevin Carvell Company, and Viceroy Films. Ramin Fathie and Michael Rosen serve as executive producers. Billy Baldwin (“Backdraft”) narrates.

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About Jonny Zwick
Jonny Zwick is a filmmaker from Santa Barbara, CA. After graduating from the University of Colorado with a journalism degree in 2011, he moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in television, working as a producer on shows for the Discovery Channel, Animal Planet and A&E. Jonny’s passion for filmmaking derives from an inherent desire to tell fascinating stories that inform and promote awareness through his own personal experience with the world.

About Kevin Carvell
Kevin Carvell is a producer, production advisor, and the founder of The Kevin Carvell Company, an Ephrata, PA-based media development company. He’s also a three-time Emmy® honoree and a recipient of the 2014 San Diego Film Awards award for the Best Short Film — “Zero,” from director William Wall, a film on which Carvell served as a co-producer. Carvell also lends his time and resources as an animal welfare supporter.
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