Carvell Produced "Zero: Dawn of the Darklighters" Debuts Teaser

Ephrata, PA, May 17, 2015 –(– The first teaser trailer has debuted for the upcoming Kevin Carvell produced sci-fi adventure film “Zero: Dawn of the Darklighters,” from award-winning writer/director William Wall.

Sent away by his dying “Mother,” Zero, a small android, leaves the alien world of Nostromo behind in search of another home. Over a thousand years later, Zero’s ship is taken by The Red Dragon, a mercenary ship, and Zero is sent aimlessly adrift in space. After another fifteen years, Zero lands on a remote planet, broken. He is found by a junk dealer named Jagger, who then sells the android to a man named Rooks, who recognizes the small robot. Rooks repairs him, and Zero discovers that during his fifteen years adrift in space, Rooks was reluctantly part of a team that reverse engineered Zero’s spare parts, found aboard his ship, into three prototype androids called “Darklighters.”

One prototype, called “Invicta,” has taken control of a dystopian world, and is determined to find Zero’s lost home world of Nostromo, where he believes a weapon of great power resides. As an impending battle stirs up between the two rival planets, Zero and his new found friends must stop the last Darklighter from reaching Nostromo and attaining the greatest weapon in the known Universe.

“Zero: Dawn of the Darklighters” is based on the 2014 award-winning short film “Zero” and is a production of Halo Cinematic. The film stars Caroline Amiguet (“2012: Doomsday”), Mike Burnell (“The Immortal Edward Lumley”), Randy Davison (“The Teleporter”), Sam Diego, Garrett Eland (“The Teleporter”), James Hong (“Blade Runner”), Doug Jones (“Hellboy”), Merrick McCartha (“Criminal Minds”), Marc McClure (“Back to the Future”, “Superman”), and Pia Thrasher (“Ghostline”). Kimy Wall (“The Immortal Edward Lumley”), Kevin Carvell (“Survivor”), and Matt Sivertson (“Just Desserts”) serve as producers. Steve Garbade (“The Immortal Edward Lumley”) is set to score. William Wall writes and directs.

No release date has yet been set.

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About William Wall
Award-winning director William Wall has just begun to make his unique mark in cinema. Accolades include “Best Director,” “Best Editor” and “Best Sound Design” as well as “Best Film” honors for his debut feature film The Immortal Edward Lumley (2013) and short films Zero (2014) and The Wheeler of Oz (2010) from the LA Fear & Fantasy Film Festival, San Diego Film Awards, California Film Awards, Phoenix Comicon and Louisville Film Festival. Additionally, short film Android 413 (2010), directed and produced by William Wall and production house Metro City Films, was honored by San Diego Comic-Con International in 2011. Bringing stunning and sometimes surreal imagery to his well-crafted stories, he employs filmmaking techniques pioneered decades earlier, but with a singular result that is incredibly modern.

William currently resides in San Diego with his wife, son, and a myriad of rescue pets.

About Kevin Carvell
With more than two decades in the business and nearly eighty projects completed, Kevin Carvell is an award-winning producer, production advisor, and the founder of The Kevin Carvell Company, an Ephrata, PA-based media development company. Most recently, Carvell served as an executive producer on director John Lyde’s hit holiday fantasy film “The Christmas Dragon,” as a producer on director Jonny Zwick’s celebrated documentary “Breach”, and as an executive producer on director Gorman Bechard’s acclaimed documentary “A Dog Named Gucci.” Next up, he serves as an associate producer on Les Owen’s upcoming WWII documentary “Victory Remembered: The Legacy of the Black Devils” and as an executive producer on director Owen Rixon’s upcoming live-action/animated sci-fi/action/comedy film “Toonocalypse.”

Carvell also works for Pennsylvania cable television provider Blue Ridge and lends his time and resources as an animal welfare supporter.
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