CashFlow Exchange, LLC is Live and Running: A New Channel to Buy & Sell Assignable Contracts, Completely On-line.

Get great cash flow today. Receive a lump sum or monthly installments.
CashFlow Exchange, LLC
A new way to exchange cash flows is now available on-line. Sellers can exchange monthly installments for a lump sum (at a slight discount). Buyers can exchange a lump sum for monthly cash flow This can all be done on-line and is all automated.
Business Description
— CashFlow Exchange is the premier broker and market-maker for selling and buying assignable financial instruments:
— CashFlow Exchange is completely internet-based
— CashFlow Exchange can help get the best value for financial instrument
— To create an efficient online cash flow market
— To effectively link buyers and sellers to achieve the best value for both
— To keep all data safe, secure and confidential
— Our People : CashFlow Exchange will provide a superb place to work where people are excited to be the best they can possibly be, and where they can achieve self-actualization.
— Our Productivity : CashFlow Exchange will strive to be a highly effective, efficient, trustworthy market-maker and value-adding organization.
— Our Market: CashFlow Exchange will encourage a winning network of sellers and buyers,who together will create a win-win, lasting value.
— Our Finances: CashFlow Exchange will optimize investors’ returns , while carefully managing responsibilities.
CashFlow Exchange is a cash flow market-maker or intermediary. CashFlow Exchange introduces buyers and sellers of assignable contracts to the mutual benefit of both parties using advanced matching algorithm.
Possible buyers:
Factoring companies
Finance companies
Private investors
Commercial investors
Fifty-plus possible sellers/contract types:
A fraction of which are sampled here:
Accounts Receivable (Invoices)
Bankruptcy Receivables
Collectibles Notes
Commercial Deficiency Portfolios
Consumer Deficiency Portfolios
Lottery Winnings
Privately Held Mortgage Notes
Retail Installment Contracts
Secured Non-Performing or Delinquent Debt
Structured Settlements
Tax Liens