Jim Hitt, CEO Of American IRA-A National Self-Directed IRA Services Provider, Will Attend The Dyches Boddiford Hard Money Lending Event On April 11th And April 12th

Jim Hitt is looking forward to attending this Hard Money Lending event. American IRA is dedicated to providing their Self-Directed IRA clients with top notch education and their staff attends many events to ensure they are always up to date on the latest techniques, rules, and methods. This event is sure to provide valuable information on the latest in relation to private lending a.k.a. hard money lending.
Earn the easy money while they do the dirty work!
Attendees will learn how to make money just like the banks while avoiding all the hassle and mistakes made by most lenders. They will also learn how to earn huge returns and what common mistakes to avoid.
This class is for the individual investor that just wants to do the occasional hard money loan or for those that want to start their own hard money lending company.
Though the class will deal mainly with loans made to other investors and businesses using real estate as collateral, homeowner loans will also be discussed along the way and the many consumer protection laws that make these loans less desirable than in the past.
Learn how to become a private lender with Dyches Boddiford and Bob Witcher, an Atlanta attorney, who has been closing private loans for over 30 years. Dyches is a full time investor who has been buying mortgages and making private loans since the early 1980′s. Learning from both perspectives provides a unique experience.
Click here to learn more about this event.
About American IRA, LLC:
American IRA is committed to providing every client with gold-level service, regardless of account size. Experience their expertise through their certified IRA services professionals. Enjoy the value with one low annual fee of $285 with unlimited assets and unlimited account values. American IRA clients love the benefit of no charge for “All Cash” accounts. The performance of the American IRA staff is unmatched, with quick and efficient processing within 48 hours.
American IRA services thousands of clients and has over $300 million in assets under administration.
American IRA was built by investors for investors, and brings their successful investment experience to the table, providing excellent educational material showing the public that their self-directed IRA account can invest in a variety of assets such as real estate, private lending, limited liability companies, precious metals and much more.
American IRA is conveniently located in Asheville, NC and Charlotte, NC, and serves clients nationwide.

Bucks & Does Now has New Arrivals for Spring

Thanks to the new spring arrivals Buck & Does (https://www.bucksanddoes.com) has in stock, fashion lovers, and those who simply like to look great, have access to some of the newest, fresh-est, and great-looking clothes for the winter thaw.
“Southern California Breeze meets refined fashion forward pieces at Bucks & Does,” Damien Bueno, store manager for Bucks & Does. “From perfectly distressed denim to comfortable flow-ing statement pieces. Sunshine, Picnics, Beach Days, and Music Festivals, we are ready for you.”
Bucks & Does was featured in Los Angeles Magazine’s “54 Best Shops in LA” and prides itself in carrying products and brands that are not found at any other stores in the area.
As for the new arrivals, they include: Nudie Jonis Steel Blue, Hartford Pinstripe shirt; The ODELLS shirtdress; McGuire Gotham slim pant, and more.
The store carries mostly Los Angeles and European designer brands, and can be described as casual-chic with a touch of bohemian.
Bucks & Does’ spring arrivals, according to Bueno, are unique from anything else on the market.
“We invite everyone to visit our website,” Bueno said. “I promise you’ll love what you see.”
For more information, please visit: http://www.bucksanddoes.com/aboutus and http://www.bucksanddoes.com/blog
About Bucks & Does
Bucks & Does offers contemporary and refined women’s and men’s clothing, shoes and accesso-ries. It is located in Los Angeles’ Silver Lake neighborhood, and open Monday – Saturday from 10am-7pm and Sundays 11am-6pm. Visit Bucks & Does and join the mailing list to be the first to know about special offers, news and events.
Contact Details:
3906 W Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90029
(323) 515-7385

Chevy 1.6-Liter Engines Now for Sale in Used Inventory at Second Hand Motor Company Website

Chevrolet remains one U.S. brand that is known for its quality of motors installed in consumer grade motor vehicles. A revised inventory now presented at the PreownedEngines.com website is making it possible for consumers to buy Chevy 1.6-liter engines for a sale price at http://preownedengines.com/chevy-1-6-liter-engine-used.
The front-wheel-drive 1.6 motor was introduced at General Motors during the 2005 year. This Generation III motor is configured with a straight 4-cylinder block that provides a dual overhead cam roller system. Owners of Chevy tracker, Cruze or Aveo vehicles are expected to reap the benefits of the discount pricing that is now featured at the Preowned Engines website.
“The RPO codes of LUW and LEW are featured in our 4-cylinder 1.6 inventory that is now for sale to help mechanics or auto owners find an exact match,” one PreownedEngines.com rep said.
The continued demand for smaller motors that have improved fuel efficiency is helping the Preowned Engines company to supply adults with more automaker inventory to purchase in 2015. Apart from the 1.6-liter builds, a person can also find the larger 1.8-liter and 2.4-liter editions available with a similar sale price.
“We support nearly the entire line of the SMPFI 4-cylinder motors that were manufactured by General Motors between 2005 and 2012,” said the rep.
The inclusion of Ecotec, Vortec and Generation III inventory at the PreownedEngines.com website should help connect purchasers with authentic replacement motors for sale this year. A person with an interest in learning more about the 1.8-liter editions also discounted for sale can find information at http://preownedengines.com/used-chevy-1-8-engine.
About PreownedEngines.com
The PreownedEngines.com company helps to introduce second hand Ford, Dodge, Chevy, Ram and other automaker brands of motors to the public through its website. The company supplies a price research tool and quotation system for public use. The PreownedEngines.com company has a fully managed support staff now offering daily support through the company toll-free number in the USA.

NeuroTech OS Automated Forex Trading Systems Hit Record Growth in Record Time

Leading startup ITM Financial continues to cement its place as one of the leading automated forex and binary options trading software providers worldwide. With an aggregate growth of 11.1% since August 2014, NeuroTech OS has proven its robustness by standing firm despite some of the toughest forex trading conditions we have ever seen rattle even the most heavyweight FX hedge funds. The key to its success: neural forex networks.
“The robustness of the system in the face of ridiculously tough market conditions comes down to its unique ability to handle drawdown”, said CEO of ITM Financial. “We have seen more automated forex trading systems drop out of the market in 2014 than ever before, largely due to the currency markets exhibiting highly erratic, volatile movements, making short-term trading a most challenging effort. This is where NeuroTech OS has excelled in managing draw down periods and calibrating itself to recover losses consistently.”
NeuroTech OS boasts an AHPR of 0.07% meaning it generates a 0.07% return per trade when the system is deployed. This metric itself is something retail traders have been hugely excited about, a system that statistically guarantees a 0.07% or more return per trade executed, something 9/10 forex trading systems have failed to achieve in 2014.
The “Risk of Ruin” or how likely it is for NeuroTech OS to “go bust” is also very encouraging. According to real account performance statistics, there is a less than 0.01% chance of the system losing 50% of equity, a less than 4.4% chance of the system losing 20% of equity, and a less than 22.88% chance of the system losing 10% of equity – phenomenal numbers!
The system averages 1.58% per month safely, while alternative investments at banks offer anywhere from 0.01 to 0.2% in the same time period. It has generated a ginormous return of 11.1% over the same period that most major FX hedge funds showed poor performance.
An AHPR of 0.07% and Expectancy of 2.8 pips per trade, guarantees end-users short, medium and long-term profitability, both with fixed and compounded investments.
In the face of draw down periods, NeuroTech OS has the ability to not only recover losses quickly, but buffer equity by engaging in more calibrated frequency trades, offering end-users one of the safest, high performance automated forex trading systems ever seen.
ITM also develops manual forex trading systems for Binary Options traders, with their ITM Genesis Analyst product incorporating price and volume spread analysis in real-time.

Charlotte School of Law Now Offering Corporate Compliance Certificate Program Online

Charlotte School of Law announced earlier this week a new online Corporate Compliance Certificate Program beginning July 2015 that will prepare graduates for the CCEP (Certified Compliance & Ethics Professional) exam. Corporate Compliance is a career in demand. In response to increasing regulation companies are taking the lead in strengthening their own internal compliance program. Compliance programs are needed to address the may different risks in nearly every type of industry.
The program provides a certificate needed to start a career in the compliance field where there are opportunities for recent or experienced college graduates looking for career advancement. Law students and lawyers may also advance in compliance, particularly individuals who hope to work in financial and securities sectors. Completion of a CCB (Compliance Certification Board) accredited academic program is the only way for a person with no prior work experience in compliance to sit for the CCB certification exam. For recent college or law school graduates, the compliance certificate offers a cost-effective, time-efficient route to a career in this field.
Our faculty for the program includes both industry experts and law professors which offers students the unique opportunity to balance rigorous academics with practical real-world experience. Our faculty includes:
Kevin Anderson, CCEP, Divisional Vice President at Family Dollar
Peter C. Anderson, CCEP, Principal at the law firm of Beveridge & Diamond, P.C.
Beau H. Baez, Assistant Professor of Law
Beth M. Colling, CCEP, Vice President & Chief Compliance Officer at Schlaeffer Group,
Tiffani W. Greene, CCEP, Partner at Compliance Ally Consulting
Susan Rowe, Director of Legal Writing & Research and Assistant Professor
The courses for this program will be offered entirely online, including lectures, office hours, and examinations. All courses are delivered in an asynchronous format, so that students can progress at their own pace. The program consists of eighteen (18) credit hours for non-lawyers. Law students and lawyers may skip the first two classes. The curriculum covers the subject matter tested on the CCEP exam.
Visit the course website at http://www.CharlotteCorporateCompliance.com for more information or to apply. You can also contact our Program Coordinator at (704) 808-8030 or CharlotteCorporateCompliance(at)Charlottelaw(dot)edu.

Titanium Trauma Treatment Devices in Europe Becoming More Affordable, Decreasing Market Value: Group Purchasing Further Eroding Selling Prices

According to a recently published report series by iData Research (http://www.idataresearch.com), the plate and screw market in Europe is in decline due to decreasing unit sales in the generic plate and screw segment. Price decreases are being seen across the entire orthopedic trauma device market. Despite representing almost 50% of the total European trauma device market, continued pricing pressure overall is projected to decrease the total market value, year after year.
“Such price drops are typical in the trauma device market where either tender systems or purchasing groups continually apply pressure on manufacturers to reduce their prices,” explains Dr. Kamran Zamanian, CEO of iData. “Price drops have been more pronounced for titanium products, which historically were able to maintain a premium over stainless steel.”
The plate and screw market continues to shift towards anatomical versions of plates due to improved fracture recovery for patients. Further, there is a financial incentive for manufacturers to push sales of anatomical plates, given their higher selling prices.
iData projections show the market value’s decline will lessen over time as unit sales improve and price drops diminish.
Other key findings from the 2015 iData Research report series entitled Europe Markets for Orthopedic Trauma Devices:
Shift Towards Titanium
For much of Europe, the price differences between stainless steel and titanium are becoming smaller as the market becomes more commoditized. Most countries in Europe are trending toward the use of titanium plates and screws over their stainless steel counterparts due to higher biocompatibility and decreased weight. This shift will drive the growth of the trauma market.
However, the premium pricing for titanium products is lessening, making them more competitive with stainless steel alternatives.
Leading Competitors
In 2014, DePuy Synthes was the leader in the plate and screw market in Europe with a share of nearly 50%. This company offers a full suite of plates and screws, which allows them to compete well in a tender system where the convenience of a single manufacturer may be an important deciding factor.
The AO Foundation, a partner of DePuy Synthes, offers surgical training courses which are still the standard in post-graduate surgical education. Their ability to introduce surgeons with their own products has been a large factor in DePuy Synthes’ dominance in the trauma device market.
Other notable competitors in the Europe markets for orthopedic trauma devices include Stryker, Zimmer, Smith & Nephew, Acumed, Biomet, amongst others.
For Further Information
More on the markets for plates and screws in Europe can be found in the 2015 edition report by iData entitled Europe Markets for Orthopedic Trauma Devices. This report covers Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom. It includes sub-segments by country, and detailed market and unit share analyses.
The full iData series on orthopedic trauma devices also covers the U.S., Japan, India, China, and Brazil. Full reports provide a comprehensive analysis including units sold, procedure numbers, market value, forecasts, as well as detailed competitive market shares and analysis of major players’ success strategies in each market and segment.
Register online or email us at info(at)idataresearch(dot)net for a Europe Markets for Orthopedic Trauma Devices report brochure and synopsis.
About iData Research
iData Research (http://www.idataresearch.com) is an international market research and consulting group focused on providing market intelligence for medical device and pharmaceutical companies. iData covers research in: Diabetes Drugs, Diabetes Devices, Pharmaceuticals, Anesthesiology, Wound Management, Orthopedics, Cardiovascular, Ophthalmics, Endoscopy, Gynecology, Urology and more.

Penton Technology names OneNeck IT Solutions to the MSPmentor 501 Global Edition

OneNeck® IT Solutions appears at number six on Penton Technology’s just released eighth-annual MSPmentor 501 Global Edition, a distinguished list and report identifying the world’s top 501 managed service providers (MSPs). The complete 501 list is currently available on MSPmentor. Additional lists include:
The top ranked MSPs in North America
The top MSPs in Europe, Middle East and Africa
The top MSPs in Asia, Australia and New Zealand
The top Small Business MSP list comprised of the top companies in our annual survey with 10 or fewer employees.
“We couldn’t be more pleased to move up to number six on this prestigious list of managed service providers,” said Phil LaForge, president and CEO of OneNeck. “Our hybrid IT solutions are really making sense to so many growth-oriented customers. And special thanks to all OneNeck coworkers for making it happen.”
Each year, MSPmentor gathers information for its annual rankings through the participation of managed service providers and IT service providers in our annual survey. The survey was conducted from December 2014 through January 2015. Rankings are based Penton Technology’s unique criteria for MSPs such as annual recurring revenues, total revenues and more.
“We want to congratulate OneNeck IT Solutions and look forward to covering their growth strategies in the year ahead,” said Marcia Parker, Executive Director, Penton Technology Group.
This year the top MSPmentor 501 companies recorded higher recurring revenues than ever before. Combined, the total annual recurring revenues for all of MSPmentor 501 2015 companies reached a record high of $3.95 billion in 2014, up 26.5 percent year-over-year.
“Thank you to all the companies who participated in this year’s MSPmentor 501 survey, and congratulations to the companies that ranked on our 501 list, our regional lists and our Small Business list,” said Jessica Davis, Editor in Chief of MSPmentor and Executive Editor at Penton Technology. “Your participation enables us to continue to provide you with high quality information about the most successful business models, pricing, vertical markets and other approaches to running your businesses in 2015 and beyond.”
MSPmentor, produced by Penton Technology, is the ultimate guide to managed services. MSPmentor features the industry’s top-ranked blog, research, Channel Expert Hour Webcasts and FastChat videos. It is the number one online media destination for managed service providers in the world.
For additional information, visit oneneck.com or penton.com.
For more information contact: Cindy Tomlinson, associate manager of Public Relations / OneNeck IT Solutions / 608-664-4471 / cindy.tomlinson(at)tdstelecom(dot)com
Jessica Davis, editor in chief at MSPmentor.net, Jessica.davis(at)penton(dot)com
About OneNeck IT Solutions
OneNeck® IT Solutions LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Telephone and Data Systems Inc., employs approximately 630 people throughout the U.S. The company offers a full suite of hybrid IT solutions including cloud and hosting solutions; ReliaCloud® enterprise cloud services; managed services; ERP application management; professional services; and IT hardware. OneNeck has Tier 3 data centers in Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Arizona, Oregon and soon in Denver. Visit oneneck.com for more information.
TDS Telecom, headquartered in Madison, Wis., operates OneNeck® IT Solutions LLC, TDS Baja Broadband LLC and BendBroadband. Combined, the company employs 3,300 people. Visit tdstelecom.com.
Telephone and Data Systems, Inc. [NYSE: TDS], a Fortune 1000™ company, provides wireless; wireline and cable broadband, TV and voice; and hosted and managed services to approximately six million customers nationwide through its business units: U.S. Cellular®, TDS Telecom, OneNeck IT Solutions, Baja Broadband and BendBroadband. Founded in 1969 and headquartered in Chicago, TDS employs 10,600 people. Visit tdsinc.com.
About Penton
Penton drives performance for more than 16 million professionals each and every day. They rely on us to deliver: Insights, information & workflow tools to inform critical business decisions; networking & community to engage them with industry peers & partners; and data & marketing services to advance their business performance & deliver ROI.
Penton is a growth company with a track record of strong performance and success and is backed by its co-owners: MidOcean Partners and U.S. Equity Partners II, an investment fund sponsored by Wasserstein & Co., LP.

The Beach Company Acquires Property at 6th and Lea in Downtown Nashville

The Beach Company, headquartered in Charleston, SC, announces the acquisition of 1.25 acres at the corner of 6th Avenue South, and Lea Avenue in downtown Nashville, Tennessee.
The property is between Peabody Street and Lea Avenue, in SoBro, less than two blocks from Nashville’s Music City Center convention facility.
The acquisition consists of two parcels, one at 516 Sixth Avenue South, currently home of an AmeriSite storage facility, and the other at 512 Lea Avenue. The Amerisite Sixth Avenue Storage business will continue operations.
Future plans for the site call for approximately 250-unit multifamily rental community, 5,400 square feet of complementary commercial space, and a parking garage. A complete amenity package for residents will include a clubroom, commercial quality fitness center, and rooftop pool with views of downtown Nashville and Gulch skylines. Construction is expected to begin in late 2015.
The project is on the south side of Nashville’s booming SoBro neighborhood. A new hot spot for entertainment venues, dining, and big business, Bridgestone recently announced a 30-story headquarters in SoBro. City Winery, a music venue and working winery opened at 609 Lafayette Street in October 2014, and it is rumored that Hard Rock Café is coming to 174 3rd Avenue.
According to Beach Company CEO John Darby, “Nashville and SoBro hit the sweet spot for the kind of location young professionals are seeking. The Beach Company is a pioneer in upscale apartment living in hot downtown neighborhoods across the southeast. From the well-established CanalSide Lofts in Columbia, SC, – to South Ridge, on the verge of opening in Greenville, SC, there is an undeniable preference for apartment living in walking distance to work and entertainment.”
The project architect is Southeast Venture of Nashville. The future development has frontage on two major roads including 6th Avenue, and is convenient to I-40, to the south. It is a half-block off of Lafayette Avenue, one of the major arteries into downtown from the East and South.
About The Beach Company: Founded in 1945, The Beach Company has been a leader in residential and commercial real estate brokerage, development and property management for 70 years. Led by president and CEO John Darby, the company honors a tradition of responsibility and excellence in providing top quality real estate products and services for communities, businesses, industries, and most importantly families across the Charleston Lowcountry and the Southeast Region. For more information on The Beach Company, please visit http://www.TheBeachCompany.com

AU10TIX Announces Up To 30% Faster Online ID Image Auto Recognition

True to its vision of hands-free customer ID authentication and record generation, AU10TIX has announced a new standard-setting auto-classification algorithm. Customer generated ID images have always challenged online ID authentication solutions since they almost invariably differ in quality, angle, coloring, etc. from their “textbook” template”. This is one of the key causes of low performance and a major drain of computing resources in conventional solutions. AU10TIX R&D team has developed a much more resource efficient way to recognize incoming ID images without any customer input and with no dependence on ID template libraries. Comprehensive QA tests have shown processing speed improvement of up to 30%, with additional improvements under way and broader document range testing.
AU10TIX BOS stands out as the leading technology today for multi-layer ID image forgery detection and record generation, enabling fast-track customer screening and onboarding and immediate response to any issues as the customer is in process.
“Effective response speed is of the essence in online customer onboarding and qualification,” says Ron Atzmon, Managing Director at AU10TIX: “With it is as frictionless experience to the customer as possible. AU10TIX BOS can now open the customer authentication and onboarding bottle neck even better than before. This reflects on effective traffic volume handling capacity, conversion rates and overall operating efficiency. That’s the whole point: Security meets operating efficiency.”
“AU10TIX BOS is the choice of global brand leaders for a reason,” says Ofer Friedman, VP Marketing of AU10TIX: “The whole idea behind Online Secure Customer Onboarding is meeting need for fast reaction and visceral fraud detection even at high traffic volumes and worldwide reach. Having analyzes the major computing resource guzzlers our R&D team took the bar a notch higher in analytical efficiency.”
About AU10TIX
AU10TIX Limited, a fully owned subsidiary of ICTS International N.V, deals with the authentication and digitization of identifying documents including Passports, identity cards, driving licenses and other complementary identifying documents. The company specializes in implementing hardware & software based applications used for scanning, identifying, content retrieval, authentication and validation of identifying documents. AU10TIX is a pioneer of all-channel (front-end and online) ID authentication and processing solutions. The company’s products drastically reduce identifying document-based fraud, reducing the costs associated with client processing and enabling effective regulatory compliance, while making the sales and support operations speedier and considerably more efficient.
For more information, visit http://www.au10tix.com
About ICTS International N.V.
ICTS specializes in the development and implementation of innovative security concepts and solutions designed to meet the needs of a variety of industries, mainly aviation transportation, border control and sensitive facilities. ICTS International benefits from over two decades of expertise and international operational experience in transportation security, with a particular emphasis on high-risk environments, passenger processing transactions and the integration of security services to provide a comprehensive security solution. It also offers a wide variety of customized training programs, tailored procedures and a wide range of security consulting services. The company has developed and implemented unique technological solutions, based on its comprehensive approach to security, designed to enhance the level of security while accelerating the security check process.
For more information, visit http://www.icts-int.com
This press release contains “forward-looking statements” within the meaning of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995, regarding the Company’s business strategy and future plans of operations. Forward-looking statements involve known and unknown risks and uncertainties, both general and specific to the matters discussed in this press release. These and other important factors, including those mentioned in various Securities and Exchange Commission filings made periodically by the Company, may cause the Company’s actual results and performance to differ materially from the future results and performance expressed in or implied by such forward-looking statements. The forward-looking statements contained in this press release speak only as of the date hereof and the Company expressly disclaims any obligation to provide public updates, revisions or amendments to any forward-looking statements made herein to reflect changes in the Company’s expectations or future events.
Ofer Friedman, VP Marketing
Email: ofer.friedman(at)au10tix(dot)com
Tel.: +357 (22) 007698
ICTS International NV
Alon Raich
Email: mail(at)ictsinternational(dot)com
Tel.: +31-20-716 3421

Advanta IRA Offers Live Webinar: Real Estate Investing without Paying Taxes Using a Self-Directed IRA

Many people are under the mistaken assumption that in order to use an IRA for real estate investing they must first pull the funds out of the account, pay the taxes and penalties and then invest. However, by using funds directly from the self-directed IRA, account owners acquire the asset(s) underneath the retirement plan’s umbrella—avoiding any taxes or penalties, and preserving more capital to invest.
“A self-directed IRA gives plan owners total control over their retirement funds and investing decisions, allowing them to invest in what they know best—within the realm of their own comfort zones,” says Jack Callahan, managing partner of Advanta IRA Administration. Income gained from assets held in retirement accounts grows on a tax-deferred or tax-free basis, depending on the account structure. Plans that can be self-directed include traditional and Roth, SEP and SIMPLE IRAs, individual 401(k) plans, and health and education savings accounts.
Self-direction is becoming popular as investors are learning that alternative investments can potentially present greater growth towards retirement income than reliance on traditional stocks, bonds and mutual funds. Real estate is the number one asset held in self-directed accounts.
Examples of permissible real estate options include:
Single and multi-family homes
Condominiums and townhomes
Vacation rental properties
Improved and unimproved land
Foreign land
Tax liens and certificates
Advanta IRA Administration, located in Atlanta, Georgia, is hosting this webinar on April 1 from 12:00 – 1:00 pm, which is offered at no cost to investors, individuals, and industry professionals who wish to learn more about self-direction and the opportunities these account structures represent. The class counts as a course elective for the retirement firm’s Advanta IRA University (Advanta U) program that educates CPAs, realtors, attorneys and other professionals who wish to learn how to better serve clients and potential clients who are investors.
Attendees learn about how the process works, what steps to take, and the rules and regulations that govern these transactions. The class will also touch on other types of investments that can be made with a self-directed IRA.
Event: Webinar – Invest in Real Estate without Paying Taxes
Date: April 1, 2015
Time: 12:00 pm-1:00 pm
Location: Online
Cost: No charge.
Registration: Contact Larissa Greene before 5:00 p.m. (EST) on March 31 at lgreene(at)advantairagroup(dot)com or by phone at (800) 416-8736 ext. 1140.
About Advanta IRA
Advanta IRA Services, located in Largo, Florida, has been in operation for over ten years, providing administrative service to owners of self-directed IRAs throughout the Tampa Bay and Sarasota, Florida regions. Advanta IRA Administration offers a second location serving the Atlanta, Georgia area and surrounding regions. Both offices are managed by Jack Callahan, J.D., CFP™. Advanta IRA offers classes, seminars and other educational tools designed to assist clients in managing self-directed IRAs by investing in real estate, notes, private placements and other non-traditional assets that have the potential to maximize IRA earnings on a tax-free or tax-deferred basis.
About Jack Callahan
Jack M. Callahan, J.D., CFP™, is the managing partner at Advanta IRA Services in Largo, FL and Advanta IRA Administration in Atlanta, GA. Jack established the corporate office, Advanta IRA Services, in 2003. Prior to that, Jack delivered specialized counsel to real estate investors, small business owners and real estate professionals on tax, legal and financial matters. As an industry expert, Jack is a frequent speaker on the topic of self-directed retirement plans and an accredited continuing education instructor for the Florida and Georgia Bar Associations, Florida and Georgia Real Estate Commissions, and The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants. He earned his bachelor of science degree in finance and multinational business from Florida State University and his law degree from the University of Florida College of Law.