Gulf Coast Educators Insurance Announces New Carriers

Southwest Florida Insurance Agency Expands Carriers To Offer More Competitive Rates

Naples, FL, July 27, 2015 –(– Gulf Coast Educators Insurance, a Naples, FL-based insurance agency, has added three new carriers to its extensive list of partner companies. This Southwest Florida insurance agency is proud to welcome Edison, Epic, and Chubb Insurance Companies to their roster of partner companies. Gulf Coast Educators Insurance has partnered with these companies to continue to offer more competitive rates to their clients.

All three of these carriers have high ratings for service and quality. Ron DeFreitas, Owner/Agent of Gulf Coast Educator Insurance states, “We are happy to be able to add these high ranking carriers as our partner companies. Edison, Epic, and Chubb Insurance all provide a quality product at a competitive rate. This in turn benefits our customers. Edison and Epic are also Florida based companies that know the ins and outs of Florida living. All three of these carriers are quite familiar with the Florida homeowner’s insurance market.”

Gulf Coast Educators Insurance is the leading agency for insurance and financial services in Southwest Florida. This insurance agency offers a vast array of both insurance products and financial services. Gulf Coast Educators Insurance offers the best homeowners insurance, auto insurance, life insurance, and financial services to residents in Ft. Myers, Naples and Port Charlotte, Florida.

Homeowner’s insurance policies can be obtained for a private home, condominium, or town house. Renters insurance can also be purchased by an apartment dweller. Each type of insurance can include a policy that protects personal property, liability insurance, and property damage. Additional policies can be added to cover flood insurance and wind mitigation.

Gulf Coast Educators Insurance also offers auto insurance policies and cover cars, trucks, SUV’s, motorcycles, boats, RVs, campers, and even a golf carts. Each of these policies can be customized to meet the needs of the client. One of the experienced and knowledgeable insurance agents at Gulf Coast Educators Insurance can help design the perfect policy to meet the client’s needs.

Life insurance is a very personal decision. Gulf Coast Educators Insurance urges everyone to consider a life insurance policy. Many people do not think that they need a life insurance policy, however, things happen and a life insurance policy offers protection and financial security to the loved ones left behind. A life insurance policy is important for those that are single as well as those that have families. The life insurance policy can be used to provide funding for medical emergencies, legal aid, funeral costs, and to pay any debt that a person leaves behind. Gulf Coast Educators Insurance life insurance agents are compassionate, customer oriented agents and are experts to helping clients find the best policy for them and their family.

Various financial services are offered by Gulf Coast Educators Insurance as well. A sample of financial saving options that are available include: annuities, IRA’s, 403(b) plans, 457(b) plans, Simple IRA’s, and SEP IRA’s. To learn more about these financial services, please call one of Gulf Coast Educators Insurance locations in Naples, Port Charlotte, or Fort Myers.

Experienced and knowledgeable insurance agents are ready to help clients with all of their insurance and financial needs. To speak with an insurance agent at the Naples office, please call 239-591-0963. To contact an insurance agent in the Port Charlotte office, please call 941-391-5423 and to reach an insurance agent at the Fort Myers office, please call 239-997-0420.

To learn more about homeowners insurance, auto insurance, life insurance or financial services, please visit online at: Gulf Coast Educators Insurance looks forward to meeting a client’s insurance and financial needs.
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A 10-Day Program & New eBook from Shankara Ayurveda Spa at the Art of Living Retreat Center Address Weight Loss Through Ayurveda

Two new offerings from Shankara Ayurveda Spa at the Art of Living Retreat Center add the science of Ayurveda to the weight loss process, which can make things easier for the more than 50 percent of Americans who say they would like to lose weight. The new offerings include: the Ayurveda Weight Loss Program and the “Ayurveda Tips for Weight Loss” e-booklet.

Boone, NC, July 27, 2015 –(– There’s nothing simple about losing weight. With fad diets and conflicting opinions on what not to eat… and eat, maintaining a healthy weight can be complicated. Two new offerings from Shankara Ayurveda Spa at the Art of Living Retreat Center add the science of Ayurveda to the process, which can make things easier for the more than 50 percent of Americans who say they would like to lose weight.*

The new offerings include: the Ayurveda Weight Loss Program and the “Ayurveda Tips for Weight Loss” e-booklet. “According to Ayurveda, the causes of weight gain are either internal or external factors like the kind of diet, the food and how we process it,” says Sarita Patel, MD, an instructor with the Art of Living. “The internal is based on our constitution; we may be eating the wrong food for our type, which the body is unable to process. Ayurveda actually takes care of the internal and external factors. It balances the digestive fire in such a way that you don’t accumulate the toxins that are coming.”

Dr. Patel is one of the teachers for the Ayurveda Weight Loss Program. Set for Sept. 4-14, 2015 at the Art of Living Retreat Center outside Boone, N.C., the 10-day program is about much more than losing weight and returning home, “The program empowers the individual to reach their weight-loss, health and well-being goals while they are on-site and after they return home. We teach unique breathing techniques that ease the mind, plus, the attendees participate in yoga, massage therapy, meditation and activities to bring out their creative energy,” adds Dr. Patel.

As a precursor to visiting Shankara Ayurveda Spa for the weight-loss program, the “Ayurveda Tips for Weight Loss” e-booklet also provides helpful advice including:

• Eat according to the time of day. When the sun is at its highest, which is around lunchtime, the stomach is more able to digest and assimilate food. Make lunch your heaviest meal.
• Follow a menu that is similar to how the French eat – a light breakfast, a large lunch and a light supper. Have a breakfast of fruits and soaked almonds for protein. Again, a hearty lunch that includes significant protein. And, a light dinner that digests before bedtime.
• To keep energy up, add more fruits & vegetables, and aged honey is great for a pick me up. The aging process of honey adds to the weight-reducing aspect because fresh honey can lead to weight gain. The best way to find out the age of honey is to ask your local honey farmer or check the expiration date on the bottle.

After reviewing the Ayurveda Tips for Weight Loss e-booklet, a one-week detox is available in the Ayurveda Detox Guide, which is the next e-book in the series.

About Shankara Ayurveda Spa at the Art of Living Retreat Center – For those seeking physical and internal renewal on their journey toward greater self-awareness and happiness, Shankara Ayurveda Spa at the Art of Living Retreat Center provides a nurturing environment and service-oriented, educated staff. The relaxing mountaintop location in North Carolina offers wellness adventurers a range of therapeutic Ayurvedic treatments and day or overnight programs perfect for those hoping to cultivate rejuvenation and inner growth. More on

Source: Gallup
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Author Crockett L. Grabbe PhD Releases His Book, “How the WTC Was REALLY Demolished on 9/11: Image-Rich Analysis”

In “How the WTC Was REALLY Demolished on 9/11,” author Crockett L. Grabbe discusses the full scientific facts and evidence of the Sept. 11, 2001 attack at the World Trade Center in an easy-to-understand manner with 45 color photos.

Louisville, KY, July 27, 2015 –(– Crockett L. Grabbe PhD is proud to announce the release of his book, “How the WTC Was REALLY Demolished on 9/11: Image-rich Analysis.” In “How the WTC Was REALLY Demolished on 9/11,” author Crockett L. Grabbe discusses the full scientific facts and evidence of the Sept. 11, 2001 attack at the World Trade Center in an easy-to-understand manner with 45 color photos. The book trailer for “How the WTC Was REALLY Demolished on 9/11: Image-rich Analysis” was revealed today on DGT Book Promotion news. In addition, Grabbe shared his insights in an interview this week on the Reading and Writing Addiction blog about “How the WTC Was REALLY Demolished on 9/11: Image-rich Analysis.” Crockett L. Grabbe’s interview can be followed at and the official trailer for “How the WTC Was REALLY Demolished on 9/11: Image-rich Analysis” can be viewed on YouTube.

About The Book
“‘How the WTC Was REALLY Demolished on 9/11: Image-rich Analysis’ demolishes the myriad error-prone reports that the American people have been presented with on the cause of 9/11. Many in the US accept the government claims that planes hijacked by terrorists, and the fires they created when colliding with the Towers, caused the World Trade Center (WTC) buildings to collapse and the resulting destruction in the WTC. Information is presented in this book that shows this conclusion to be fraudulent. Using many images and elementary physics principles, it is shown that neither planes nor fires they created by collisions with the Towers, nor lasers, nor missiles, nor nuclear bombs caused this destruction, but two types of non-nuclear explosions did. One produced the large white dust clouds after each Tower collapsed, whereas the other produced the melted metal observed in the rubble for many days after 9/11.” — Crockett L. Grabbe PhD, Author of “How the WTC Was REALLY Demolished on 9/11: Image-rich Analysis”

Praise for Crockett Grabbe’s last book on 9/11 at the WTC:
“Great book that … tells you what the media never ever will. He presents it in a fashion easy to understand and read! Try it!” — Reviewer

About The Author
Crockett Grabbe is a physicist with 40 years research experience. The author received his PhD in Applied Physics from Caltech in 1978. He is also a noted writer and speaker for public audiences, having published three books on 9/11 online. He has presented major invited public addresses on the WTC collapse in New York City, St. Louis, Des Moines, Austin, and Dallas. Grabbe has been interviewed eight times (both on TV and on radio) and has published six books, 30+ articles for general audiences, over one hundred papers and books for scientific audiences and produced two educational public videos that have played several times on over sixty TV stations. Grabbe is a member of the National Speakers Association, American Physical Society, International Union of Radio Science, International Electrical & Electronic Engineers, and Writer’s League of Texas and has multiple profiles in Contemporary Authors, Writers Biography and Who’s Who in Science & Engineering.

“How the WTC Was REALLY Demolished on 9/11: Image-rich Analysis” (50 pages, ISBN: 978-1511628853) is available online at It can be ordered as a paperback, or downloaded as an E-book.
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Fantastic UK Student Property Investment Infographic

Student Property has been in the spotlight for a few years now. In the past it used to be a droll subject, especially in the investment world. Nowadays investors are wishing they had bragged a piece of it in the very beginning. In 2013 the UK saw £2 billion invested into student property alone. Yields are higher and demand is soaring. Learn more about investing in student property through this fun and easy infographic produced by leading London based property investment firm Aspen Woolf.

London, United Kingdom, July 27, 2015 –(– University applications are rising to record numbers this year with overseas applicants pushing for quality education in the UK. Despite the rising rates of fees the demand is stronger than ever (UCAS, 2015).

Following this, the total number of accepted applicants have as well been at record highs (UCAS, 2015).

Based on these easy facts from both UCAS and Universities all over the UK, it’s easy to see how the student property sector is skyrocketing. Officially making student property one of the hottest forms of investment on the UK market today (Savills, 2014).

Every year the number of international students studying in the UK rises. At present the UK is the number one country in the entire world for overseas students (UCAS, 2014). Hosting all the international students contributes a staggering £10 billion to our economy every year (Savills, 2014). Bringing with them the need for quality education and having to pay for higher tuition fees, students these days demand higher quality living spaces (Savills, 2014). It’s clear to see that if the right investments are made and the correct business decisions are made, there is a huge opportunity for financial success in the student property sector (Aspen Woolf, 2015).

Have you been thinking about investing in student property? Maybe you’ve been reading about it a lot in the news already. Or perhaps you’re just curious. If any of the above questions are ticked in your mind, then why not check out the extensive Aspen Woolf Student Property infographic below to find out the most essential statistics on the growth of university applications and the ensuing demand for Student Property Investment!

For the full infographic please visit

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For additional information or to find out more information about investing in student property please email Aspen Woolf on

Enjoy Beers and Cheers at Fathoms’ Blue Moon Party

A great evening of fun and music.

Cape Coral, FL, July 27, 2015 –(– The ‘Blue Moon’ will be rising over Cape Harbour Marina on Friday, July 31 starting at 5 p.m. as Fathoms Restaurant and Bar hosts a special party with ‘Blue Moon’ beer and live music.

Channel your inner Picasso when you purchase a ‘Blue Moon’ draft. You’ll receive a ‘Blue Moon Brewing Company’ glass and have the opportunity to become an artist extraordinaire as you decorate it to your liking. Then see how your glass stacks up to others as prizes will be awarded for some of the best looking glasses. And while creating your masterpiece, you’ll also enjoy pleasing your palate with ‘Blue Moon’ flights. All of your favorite seasonal beers will be available.

The fun and excitement doesn’t end there. Put on your dancing shoes and get down to the sounds of local favorites, the Rob Brooks Band, as you also get a taste of some great party food created by Chefs Fabrice Deletrain and Ben Voisin. Regular dinner service will also be offered for those who crave Fathoms’ fresh, innovative cuisine at an affordable price.

Even more great events await at vibrant Cape Harbour this summer. Visit and for info.

About Hoffman Group LLC

Timothy and Meredith Hoffman and Chef Benjamin Voisin and Valeria Zanella Voisin are partners in Hoffman Group Holdings LLC, the hospitality company that owns Fathoms Restaurant & Bar and The French Press at beautiful Cape Harbour Marina. HGH is committed to growing the vibrancy of Cape Harbour and leading its neighbors to greater success, giving back to the Cape Coral and Southwest Florida community, and developing the existing staff at the establishments it has acquired. Other interests of Timothy and Meredith Hoffman include Montpelier Plantation & Beach, a member of the prestigious Relais & Châteaux group of luxury hotels on the Caribbean Island of Nevis.
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Fettle Botanical Announces Launch Offering High Quality Supplements with a Portion of Proceeds Going to Help Charity

Finding quality supplements from a company that gives back to the people who need it most just became much easier. Fettle Botanical recently announced their launch providing just this kind of superior health product shopping experience.

Wilkes-Barre, PA, July 27, 2015 –(– There’s few things as valuable as a person’s health. This makes finding resources for products that can greatly help in this area a very high priority for many people. Stepping up to answer that call is the new brand Fettle Botanical, who recently announced their launch offering a premium quality, Made in the USA, Turmeric Curcumin supplement. Shoppers have responded with enthusiasm.

“We are very passionate about what our company and what our first release, Turmeric Curcumin, can offer the people who shop with us,” commented a spokesperson from Fettle Botanical. “We’re doing our best to exceed expectations and set new standards. A big part of this is by giving our customers a chance to help themselves and at the same time help others.”

Fettle Botanical has stated that 10% of their profits are being donated to help St. Jude’s Research, well known as a leading children’s hospital pioneering research and treatments for kids with cancer and other life-threatening diseases.

According to the company, their Turmeric Curcumin delivers many potential benefits to users, especially when it comes to fighting pain and reducing inflammation. It is also a powerful antioxidant and detoxifier. The product is 100% natural, manufactured in the USA and is free from artificial flavoring, colors and fillers.

Early feedback for Fettle Botanical Turmeric Curcumin has been very positive.

Gina J., from Texas, recently said, “I have had a bad knee for years and nothing has given me much relief. After a month of taking Fettle Botanical’s Turmeric I feel much, much better. I’m even back in the gym training legs which is a real breakthrough. Five stars.”

For more information be sure to visit
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Young Entrepreneur Trying to Fund His Startup by Trading Up Items

This 26 year old built a website where people can advise and follow him on his journey to trade up to one million dollars, in order to fund his startup.

Antwerp, Belgium, July 27, 2015 –(– The idea originates from sweet childhood memories. He and some friends would go out on a trade journey, where you start off with an apple, and go from door to door around the neighbourhood to trade it for something better, usually candy. Since candy doesn’t cut it anymore in the grown-up world, he figured he should expand his neighbourhood to the world, and see where he ends up.

“Intrigued by the idea of trading, going back to our roots and reintroducing trading could be a nice change of things, in a world where everything revolves around money,” said Ben Van Beek, founder of The goal is to fund his startup to build a platform where setting up a trade is very easy and fun in the process. Whether it’s for one simple trade or for a trade journey, going from place to place, trading items and meeting new people, that’s what the platform aims to achieve.

“I’m trading up, starting from one dollar to one million dollars to see whether it’s even possible, and to discover just how powerful trading can be. It’s a kind of research for how trading can be used, and to see if enough people are interested in the idea of trading,” said Ben. He also explains how he came up with the logo of his website, and the starting trade item. “To keep it light, I’ve referenced Dr. Evil’s ‘One Million Dollars’ quote (with the pinky). So what better item than my Austin Powers DVD, to start off my journey.”
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Kolkata Foodies Launches New Website for All Local Foodies in Kolkata

Kolkata, India, July 27, 2015 –(– Kolkata Foodies ( has launched its new blog, named “Kolkata Foodies Blog” dedicated to the local community of foodies and beverage enthusiasts in Kolkata and rest of West Bengal.

The new blog ( will try to become the most comprehensive restaurant and dining blog, drawing together the latest restaurant news, food events and food festival news, professional reviews and new restaurant openings in Kolkata.

It will also support the local foodie and restaurant scene by connecting and promoting food bloggers, foodies, food photographers and restaurant business owners.

Founder, Aloke Majumder says, “I am delighted to announce the launch of the new blog at I believe that we would be able to create an local foodie ecosystem and contribute to the existing local foodie culture of Kolkata. This is the first and only initiative from the Kolkata, completely made in Kolkata by local foodies.”

Kolkata Foodies, established on November 2011, is a community driven review guide enabling consumers to find restaurants in Kolkata. It is a group, formed by local foodies, dedicated to helping people find the best food and dining experiences at restaurants not only in Kolkata but also in various Bengali restaurants in other cities in India.

Anindya S Basu, Co-Founder says, “The launch of our blog marks a new and exciting phase for Kolkata Foodies as it provide us with a platform to engage not only the foodies but also the bloggers and enables us to contribute back to the community.”

The objective of Kolkata Foodies Blog is to create a personalised experience & information on restaurants, cafes, bars, pubs and other food joints in Kolkata. It will become the exclusive source for people who care about dining and drinking in Kolkata. A favorite of industry pros and amateurs alike, Kolkata Foodies has an uncanny knack for finding out what new restaurant opening where in Kolkata, who’s serving what, and how it’s all going down in Kolkata.

Kolkata foodies Blog comprises one of the most authoritative and respected teams across food media in Kolkata today. The Kolkata Foodies contributors makes news and breaks news daily with expert reporting on the latest restaurant openings and current dining trends in the city of Kolkata.

Boasting an obsessive, wildly growing audience of trendsetters, Kolkata Foodies is one of the top source for connecting premium brands to ready-to-spend consumers with insatiable appetites for both food and the finer things life has to offer.
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The Future Leaders of Our Country Will Either Grow Up Broken or Become Extraordinary

Chattanooga, TN, July 27, 2015 –(– Jeff Pennypacker, founder of Underdog Ministries will appear on NITE LINE: WGGS TV 16 in Greenville SC, Monday July 27th to discuss his new book, Broken Boys-Extraordinary Men, Mentoring Moms Through the 7 Obstacles Stealing Manhood from Their Boys.

A large portion of our future leaders are coming from single parent homes, mostly single mothers. Jeff’s book shares insights to help moms raising boys, overcome the obstacles associated with fatherlessness in order to build boys into extraordinary men, instead of a drain on our society.

Jeff’s message is changing the lives of moms who are raising the next generation of our country’s leaders.

“’Broken Boys, Extraordinary Men’ is the book I have searched for and needed since my son was born 7 1/2 years ago! Knowing life is different without Dad around is part of the battle, understanding ‘why’ is a completely different dynamic this book so clearly communicates. I feel I have unlocked a door to the secret parts of my son’s heart and am more equipped to be the Mom he needs. Thank you, Jeff!”
-Heather McMeans
Single mom to one awesome boy

For additional information or a sample copy of Broken Boys – Extraordinary Men, Contact:
Jeff Pennypacker

Broken Boys – Extraordinary Men is a mom’s guide to raising boys but not from a parents perspective, it’s straight from the mind of a fatherless boy himself.

Underdog Ministries was founded to help mentors make an impact by developing resources for those in the trenches of mentoring such as moms, pastors, churches, and next door neighbors.
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Underdog Ministries
Jeff Pennypacker

Gary Lee Jeffries Band to Kick the Famed Monticello Main St. Tour Into High Gear on July 31

Former Virgin Records recording artist returns to his hometown of Monticello, IN that he calls the “backbone of America” to throw a party of epic proportion with his band of brothers, down on Main Street, in true grit, Southern rock style.

New Haven, CT, July 27, 2015 –(– Gary Lee Jeffries, known for his down-to-earth honesty, emblazoned in his songs of true American grit with Southern rock and Cajun flavor, is six-time headliner at the annual Main Street Tour, held in downtown Monticello, IN. Fueled by passion and pride for his hometown, he and his outlaw band of brothers are ready “to throw another party of epic proportion down on Main Street.” “There is no one finer than Gary Lee Jeffries. This man puts his heart and soul into his music and is all about pleasing the crowd,” affirms Ingrid Landis, Monticello Business Alliance.

Jeffries’ band-of-outlaws will feature Bloomington, Indiana son, Duane Connaughton on bass, and Ohio sons, Chris Lester on lead guitar and Randy Trent on drums. Jeffries boasts his band will deliver a “tighter sound” as well as premier original songs that are sure to “smoke and raise the spirit of this American backbone community to its dancin’ feet. If Monticello likes them, I believe the rest of the world will too,” says Jeffries.

Jeffries is best known for his hard-hitting vocals with former bands, Asphalt Ballet (Virgin Records) and Alligator Stew and their award-winning music videos, “Soul Survive” (MTV & Headbangers’ Ball) and “Blood Money” (CMT, GAC-TV), along with songs featured in TV (HBO’s “True Blood” and “Weeds,”; Hallmark’s “A Time to Remember”) and feature film (K.C. Amos’, “Mercy for Angels”; Charlie Sheen’s, “Beyond the Law”). He is reputed as a “… singer of the first rank,” by Luc Brunot, writer for French rock magazine, Bands of Dixie that won Jeffries Best Artist, Album (Middle Class Man) and Vocalist of 2011 (Reader’s Poll,, outranking the likes of the Tedeschi Trucks Band, Warren Haynes and the Allman Brothers.

Also performing at this year’s event and back by popular demand are The Brass Doorknobs and the Pink Floyd tribute band, Forever Floyd that “wowed us last year” says Monticello resident, Jeannette Widner. The popular Kentucky band OTIS heads up from the South to join the party and add to the mix their Southern rock, heavy blues delight.

Join the downtown blockbuster party on Main Street Monticello from 5:00 p.m.-12:30 a.m. that is free for all ages. Come hungry to enjoy the taste of White County’s mouthwatering foods, prepared by Monticello’s favorite restaurant chefs. Go hog wild at the Kerstings Bike Show. Make sure to arrive early with fold out chairs so that you can sit and enjoy the evening event.

For more information please contact the Monticello Main Street Tour event promoter, Ingrid Landis, at (574) 583-3668(574) 583-3668.
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