Catvertiser Sold Meat on Facebook

A case study of an online butcher shop’s Facebook ad campaign shows that with the right tools even raw meat can be effectively sold through Facebook.

Warsaw, Poland, April 28, 2015 –(– is an online butcher shop selling high quality, organic meet and poultry. But can meat be sold through ads on Facebook? It turns out it can, quite effectively.

In February 2015, Catvertiser conducted the first Facebook ad campaign for this store. The goal was simple – to generate new sales. Catvertiser quickly set up over a hundred different creatives and 20 separate target groups and later optimize the campaign based on real-time sales results.

The return on advertising spend was over 390%. This means that the value of transactions generated directly by the campaign was almost four times higher than the cost of advertising. When Catvertiser included CLV (Customer Lifetime Value) into the equation, the return on advertising spend increased to 1095%.

The campaign was optimized on several levels. The element that influenced conversions to sales the most were the ad types. While multi-product ads generated higher value per single transaction, standard single-product newsfeed ads turned out to perform much better in terms of total cost of conversion. Also campaign day-parting optimization, which is a standard feature in, was highly effective. It helped eliminate those parts of the day that generated high volumes of impressions and clicks but did not end with a purchase.
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