CEIC Analytics – Malaysia MSC (Multimedia Super Corridor) Report

Nov. 10, 2006 – CEIC Analytics – Malaysia MSC (Multimedia Super Corridor) Report

In 1991, Malaysia ex-Prime Minister Dr Mahathir grandly set out ‘Vision 2020’ with the ambition of driving Malaysia towards Knowledge-Economy (K-Economy) from production-economy. The objective is to help Malaysia leap frog into an information and knowledge era, to become a first-class address for multimedia and telecommunication, and to be able to compete at a global level. Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC) was conceptualized and established in 1996 and is Malaysia’s most exciting initiative for the global information and communication technology (ICT) industry.

Scope of this report
Our Malaysia MSC (Multimedia Super Corridor) report provides in-depth analysis and statistics on the project, with 2004 and 2005 year-end market data and updated data for Q1-Q2 2006. This report gives an instant overview of the Malaysian MSC project. The data contains graphic illustrations in form of tables and graphs and expert views.

Table of Contents

1. MSC Project Profile
1.1 MSC Overview
1.2 MSC Status
1.3 Bill of Guarantees
1.4 MSC Cybercities
1.5 Regulatory Environment

2. MSC Flagships and Market Outlook
2.1 MSC Flagships
2.1.1 Electronic Government
2.1.2 Multipurpose Card
2.1.3 Smart School
2.1.4 Telehealth
2.1.5 R&D Cluster
2.1.6 E-Business
2.1.7 Technopreneur Development
2.2 Market Outlook
2.2.1 Shared Services and Outsourcing
2.2.2 The 9th Malaysian Plan

3. Debates on MSC Project

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