Certified Diamonds & Gemstones, Inc. Implements A Cash Referral Program

Dec. 21, 2006 – Certified Diamonds & Gemstones, Inc. expends tremendous resources to provide its exclusive clientele of dealers, manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers and select individual clients with the highest levels of confidence, responsiveness and assurance that each and every conflict-free certified: loose colorless diamond, loose natural colored fancy diamond, gemstone and Exotic Premium Merchandise acquisition is beyond reproach. Certified Diamonds & Gemstones, Inc. routinely meets and exceeds its clientele’s merchandise specifications and acquisition expectations. The newly unveiled Cash Referral Program evidences yet another mechanism that expresses respect for and financially rewards Certified Diamonds & Gemstones, Inc. worldwide clientele.

Existing clientele that refer a new diamond/gemstone dealer, manufacturer, wholesaler, retailer or select individual client that ultimately acquires a diamond/gemstone and/or Exotic Premium Merchandise at a price in excess of $1,500.00 USD, entitles the existing referring client to a thank-you cash honorarium in the amount of at least $100.00 USD. Repeat clients are also eligible to receive this industry leading thank-you cash honorarium.

The Cash Referral Program joins the ranks of Certified Diamonds & Gemstones, Inc.’s exclusive: Guarantee, 100% Refund & Return Policy, Complimentary Insured Express Shipping, Lifetime Upgrade Credit, Reduced Pricing Policy, Confidential Reduced Price Quotes, Brokerage Services, Design Services and Exotic Premium Merchandise offerings – all available at www.CertifiedDiamondDealers.com.

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