Certified Diamonds & Gemstones, Inc.’s Clientele Receive: Lifetime Upgrade Credit

Dec. 10, 2006 – The greatest accolade and praise bestowed upon Certified Diamonds & Gemstones, Inc. by its diverse clientele are repeated diamond/gemstone acquisitions. In addition to Certified Diamonds & Gemstones, Inc.’s exclusive: Guarantee, 100% Refund & Return Policy, Complimentary Insured Express Shipping, Cash Referral Program, Reduced Pricing Policy, Confidential Reduced Price Quotes, Brokerage Services, Design Services and Exotic Premium Merchandise, Certified Diamonds & Gemstones, Inc. is please to provide its clientele with a Lifetime Upgrade Credit for 100% of its loose merchandise’s full acquisition price towards any loose diamond/gemstone upgrade of greater value provided by Certified Diamonds & Gemstones, Inc.

All prior Certified Diamonds & Gemstones, Inc.’s loose diamond/gemstone merchandise acquisitions qualify for the Lifetime Upgrade Credit, as long as the merchandise is in its original condition and accompanied by its corresponding certification documentation. Certified Diamonds & Gemstones, Inc. clientele of: manufacturers, dealers, wholesalers, retailers and select individuals are invited to participate in the Lifetime Upgrade Program by requesting a Confidential Reduced Price Quote for certified conflict-free: loose colorless diamonds and loose natural colored fancy diamonds from www.CertifiedDiamondDealers.com.

— End —