Charlotte School of Law Now Offering Corporate Compliance Certificate Program Online

Charlotte School of Law announced earlier this week a new online Corporate Compliance Certificate Program beginning July 2015 that will prepare graduates for the CCEP (Certified Compliance & Ethics Professional) exam. Corporate Compliance is a career in demand. In response to increasing regulation companies are taking the lead in strengthening their own internal compliance program. Compliance programs are needed to address the may different risks in nearly every type of industry.
The program provides a certificate needed to start a career in the compliance field where there are opportunities for recent or experienced college graduates looking for career advancement. Law students and lawyers may also advance in compliance, particularly individuals who hope to work in financial and securities sectors. Completion of a CCB (Compliance Certification Board) accredited academic program is the only way for a person with no prior work experience in compliance to sit for the CCB certification exam. For recent college or law school graduates, the compliance certificate offers a cost-effective, time-efficient route to a career in this field.
Our faculty for the program includes both industry experts and law professors which offers students the unique opportunity to balance rigorous academics with practical real-world experience. Our faculty includes:
Kevin Anderson, CCEP, Divisional Vice President at Family Dollar
Peter C. Anderson, CCEP, Principal at the law firm of Beveridge & Diamond, P.C.
Beau H. Baez, Assistant Professor of Law
Beth M. Colling, CCEP, Vice President & Chief Compliance Officer at Schlaeffer Group,
Tiffani W. Greene, CCEP, Partner at Compliance Ally Consulting
Susan Rowe, Director of Legal Writing & Research and Assistant Professor
The courses for this program will be offered entirely online, including lectures, office hours, and examinations. All courses are delivered in an asynchronous format, so that students can progress at their own pace. The program consists of eighteen (18) credit hours for non-lawyers. Law students and lawyers may skip the first two classes. The curriculum covers the subject matter tested on the CCEP exam.
Visit the course website at for more information or to apply. You can also contact our Program Coordinator at (704) 808-8030 or CharlotteCorporateCompliance(at)Charlottelaw(dot)edu.