Chaytor; Alphar publisher, friend of Bush; denounces progress of men: Interviews available, Leno.

Dec. 18, 2006 – Los Angeles, December 18, 2006: Anthony Chaytor, the aristocratic peer, mineral and land baron, and President of Alphar Publishing, has been aroused by Christmas compassion for those disenchanted liberals of the U.S. who cannot take it anymore. Inspired by the statue of Liberty and new information (“Upland Road”, and “The Progress of Man”) Anthony Chaytor has designated one of his ranches in New Zealand as a retreat/boot camp for spineless men; located on Chaytor Road, South Island, New Zealand.
“Liberal City is a peaceful 1200 acre ranch located on flat ocean-front property surrounded by vineyards.” Chaytor is president of both Alphar Publishing and Knitting Club, a secret right wing society for survivalist men.
Chaytor has an aristocratic history of horizon breaking, innovation, wealth, and privilege. He has lived a monk-like existence for his long life, hitching rides on jet planes and sleeping under vines, to familiarise himself with the outer world. This has led him to the ultimate realization that we are at the spiritual turning point. “Either Dubya is right or he is wrong. “And if you can’t stand Dubya then get a fix now… Liberal City is located a short twenty mile ferry ride from the capital of New Zealand. Damaged men get to learn the survival skills required for living free of stress in the new world: Hunting, animal husbandry, boat building, and soil tilling. “Men have become the providers of energy and imagination, the main crop of South Island.”
Applications to Prerequisite reading: “Upland Road”, and “The Progress of Man, G.W. Bush v. The People” (ISBN 09786024-04 and -8X resp., see ).
Chaytor recognizes himself in the persona of Dr. Moore’s Dubya in “The Progress of Man”, and so is drawn to exploring the character, as a surrogate for so much lost manhood… A fun book: Apocryphal for the environment and future politicians.
“There is an effective objective method for comprehending man’s progress, and that is by way of exploring a real man, someone that I know well, such as the persona of Dubya. Dr. Moore’s comedic satire achieves an insight that adds to our progress, offers a pathway to survival, and might be used as a tool for evaluation of future politicians.”
“Dubya’s character, as one who knows, is cast cleverly against his partner, Liberty Bell, a modern woman who is a natural foil. Images of conflict between socially privileged versus deprived arise with a sense of the anti-establishment, and what is brilliant about this book is the way Dr. Moore gets inside the establishment to chide the antagonist, “We The People”, and imparts a strong sense of humanity to the Dubya character’s flaws and burdens.”
Alphar is a publisher of that outstanding literary fiction which focuses upon inner conflicts, and proudly signs up “Progress” this season, along with “Upland Road” Dr. Thomas Moore has an intelligent and impressionistic style, and a wicked sense of humor. “Upland Road” is about the redemption of a drunkard’s sensitive daughter, who is already haunted by grim sexual memories. She is determined to marry well. Lillian awakes from the drugs and just has to tell Dylan, her love, that she had aborted his child. Then, after years of torment, haunted by a child she has never met, the nightmares slowly give way to reality: What can she do? Natalie, the limbo child of her nightmares is too close to her, demanding attention.
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