Chaytor, president of Alphar, offers asylum to Bush detractors in N. Z. Interview by Moore, Leno.

Dec. 14, 2006 – San Francisco, December 14, 2006:
Anthony Chaytor, the eccentric aristocratic peer, mineral and land baron, and President of Alphar Publishing, has been aroused by Christmas compassion for those disenchanted liberals of the U.S. who cannot take it anymore. Inspired by the statue of Liberty and new information (Upland Road, The Progress) Anthony has designated one of his ranches in New Zealand as a retreat, located at #1 Chaytor Road, Hamlet, Blenheim, South Island, New Zealand. This is a clean environment and a sanctuary for sensitive new age liberals.
Liberal City is a peaceful 1200 acre ranch located on flat fertile ocean-front property surrounded by vineyards and owned by Chaytor. He is President of both Alphar Publishing and Knitting Club, a secret right wing society for liberated men.
Chaytor has an aristocratic history of horizon breaking, innovation, wealth, and privilege. Anthony has lived a monk-like existence for his entire ride, hitching rides on jet planes and sleeping under vines, to familiarise himself with the outer world. This has led him to the ultimate realization that we are at the turning point. “Either Dubya is right or he is wrong.” And if you can’t stand Dubya then get out now before you ruin the ride for the rest of us.
Liberal City is located a short twenty mile ferry ride from the capitol of New Zealand, Wellington where there is a beehive of work available. Apply to Helen Clark if you are a woman: P.M., The Beehive, Wellington. Men get to stay on the ranch and learn the survival skills required for living free of disease and political correctness in the new world: Hunting, animal husbandry, boat building, and soil tilling. The men are responsible for building the vehicles for the women to evacuate to work on the other island with Aunty Helen Clark. Men are the providers of energy and imagination, the main crop of South Island. Women and electricity ship daily, north, across the ocean strait to North Island, the domain of Prime Minister Helen Clark who has lived for more than twenty years out of wedlock with a liberal man and no children. She destroys church, enterprise, and marriage, while Mr. Liberal maintains gay friendships in the liberal sweat-shop of North Island.
Alphar will offer employment to all men of U.S. citizenship upon submission of job application explaining why you think a few years of fishing in Liberal city will make a real man of you. Also please explain how you propose to survive chaste while located just twenty miles from Helen Clark’s coven in the beehive.
Applications to Prerequisite reading: “Upland Road”, and “The Progress of Man, G.W. Bush v. The People” (ISBN 09786024-04 and -8X resp., see ).
Media enquires only to Anthony Chaytor or Thomas Moore, 646-912-3515.

— End —