Check and Go Project

Dec. 23, 2006 – e-ISOTIS (Information Society Open To ImpairmentS) participates in the European Project Check and Go. Check and Go ( aims to fill the communication and information gap between people with disabilities and their potential employers and trainers in companies in order to facilitate the access of this disadvantaged group to practical vocational training and to the labour market. In order to reach its objectives, the project includes counselling, training and practical support for an efficient exchange of information between people with disabilities and companies in the critical phase of the application for a job.

This European project is comprised of 13 organisations from 6 different member states. It started on 1st of September 2006 and will last till 31st of August 2008.

e-ISOTIS (Information Society Open To ImpairmentS) is a non-profit making organisation founded in December 2002, working with People with Disabilities, Elderly, their spouses as well as members of the ICT (Information Communication Technology) community, worldwide. Currently, its associated members represent 350.000 people with impairments, located in European countries.

e-ISOTIS’ scope is to ensure that people with disabilities, elderly and their families are fully involved in the preparations and activities in line with the slogan “nothing about people with disabilities without people with disabilities”. By supporting People with Disabilities and elderly, e-ISOTIS aims at assisting its members in overcoming the existing barriers and experiencing an Information Society that opens up new opportunities for development, prosperity and quality of life.

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Date of release: 22/12/2006

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