Cheetah Palomina, the singer/songwriter from California, has released the cd, “On Down The Line”

For more information contact:
Cheetah Palomina
(661) 300-0206

December 5, 2006, Tehachapi, CA

Cheetah Palomina, the talented singer/songwriter from Tehachapi, California, has released the cd, “On Down The Line”; a cd of songs that will leave the listener wanting more. Filled with unforgettable lyrics and a sound described as a cross between “old school country and heavy rock”, they are a band to keep an eye on. Music fans across the board will find much to enjoy in this new cd.

“On Down The Line” will be made available for sale at local retail outlets as well as many online digital distributors including I-Tunes, cdbaby, Tower Records, Walmart, and others.

Cheetah Palomina, was born in Kansas and joined his first band at the age of fourteen. After going through country, rock and grunge phases, he has come full circle. Requests for bookings and sales can be directed to Cheetah Palomina at (661) 300-0206.

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