CHILDREN OF THE ORCS by Stephanie J. Major is published

Dec. 26, 2006 – Two Orc children are rescued by the dwarf Garaskin and brought to live in the human city of Eshalter. But life among humans has its own challenges. Yet Kade and Drom find acceptance and friendship among a group of unlikely companions.

As adults Kade and Drom follow separate paths – Kade that of a soldier and City guardsman and Drom the way of the ranger. But when danger threatens their new homeland Drom and Kade must reunite to protect their newfound friends.

About the Author: An avid reader for most of her life, Stephanie Major became involved in fantasy after picking up a copy of Weis and Hickman’s Dragonlance Chronicles. Other favorite writers include Rosemary Sutcliff, Jean Auel and J.K Rowling. She is currently working on “The Rose and the Gauntlet,” the sequel to Children of the Orcs. When not plotting the path of her heroes, Stephanie enjoys spending time with her family, painting, and playing war games. Look out for her other books: Knight’s Honour, Knight’s Quest and Hybrid Genesis, coming soon. You can email her at

Excerpt from the book: “And since when,” Anduvir asked, panting softly with effort, “Has it been a crime to kill orc warriors?” Though the young man spoke out of turn, Sir Gareth did not rebuke him. He knew the mood his knights were in after the deaths of thirteen of their comrades – having Anduvir speak for them all could only strengthen his position.
Telamon turned to answer the young man, drawn inexorably to the arrogant courage, the angry potential that blazed out of him, “The lives that damn you will be those of women and children.”
“You see how low this former paladin has sunk – that he can even think of orc females and young as ‘women’ and ‘children,’” Sir Gareth pointed out, but Telamon did not look away from Anduvir; their eyes were locked like blades.
“Rats in a nest,” Anduvir stated coldly, “Kill them all or suffer them again.”
Anger made Telamon sway on his feet, as if the very force of his fury would knock him to the ground. Stormclouds gathered in the clear, blue-gray eyes, heavying them; within the swirl of compressed energy, sword-point pupils glittered with intensity of purpose. Stern, darkened with memory, sparked with internal fires; those eyes were angry magnets. Anduvir knew that it was he even more than Sir Gareth who had put those lines of anger in the stark, spare face; and somehow he was proud.

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Author: Stephanie Major

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