China Appreciating LNG for Being Multipurpose

Nov. 10, 2006 – The government of China is soon going to launch a research and promotion program to amplify the use of non-polluting LNG as vehicle fuel. This move is an attempt to reduce the air pollution blackening its sky.

Hou Fushen, an engineer with ‘National Clean Vehicle Co-ordination Leading Group’ and ‘China Automotive Technology and Research Center’, said that their target is to make the LNG vehicles more technically advanced with a reduction in cost and harmful gas emissions. The government is planning to carry out technical research and development. The products of the research, like buses, will be demonstrated in selected cities.

Last year, the rapidly expanding middle-class consumer base of the world’s fastest-booming vehicle market invested liberally in vehicles and bought 5.9 Million new cars. It was more than China’s total vehicle population in 1990. The country is the 2nd largest car market after US. So this addition in the existing caravan of cars is bolting tons of oil. China depends heavily on imports to meets its oil demand. Also, oil is a major culprit of spreading urban pollution. Hunting new fuels for vehicles will not only take care of the environmental pollution but also aid in diversifying fuel consumption of China.

According to a Research Analyst at RNCOS, who has recently researched on “Future Outlook for Global LNG Market (2010)”, the invasion of middle class consumers in vehicle market is on a high. Hence, China’s government is offering many strategies to combat the problem of vehicle pollution to portray a clean image.

The research report “Future Outlook for Global LNG Market (2010)” also addresses the issues and facts that are critical for your success, like:

– Atlantic LNG market growing at faster pace as compare to Asia-pacific market
– Rising involvement of Middle East as LNG importer.
– Japan & Korea held the position of largest LNG importer in 2005
– Insight into market performance
– Rational analysis on Global LNG Industry
– Opportunities and success factors for LNG market

This report will help the clients to analyze the evolving situations in LNG market.

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