China Preparing Blueprints of Multibillion Software Exports

Nov. 25, 2006 – China, in a bid to become an active member of services and innovation sector, is rolling out plans to augment its export of software to US$ 12.5 Billion by the year 2010.

As per the official document released by Ministry of Commerce, SAT (State Administration of Taxation) and seven other central authorities, the software export will have to record an annual growth of 25% to attain this goal.

Chinese government’s target is to promote a set of globally emulous software enterprises with its own Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs) and brands. Software enterprises will get favorable treatment in respect of borrowing, foreign exchange controls and taxation, among other zones.

As per the statistics from Ministry of Commerce, in 2005, China made an export of US$ 3.6 Billion in software and its related sectors, a hike of 28% on YOY basis.

In the views of Research Analyst at RNCOS, who has recently researched a report on “Opportunities in Chinese Software Industry (2007)”, software export is hot favorite of the Chinese software industry. The export of software products and services related to it in 2005 were mainly propelled by the software business provided by Japan. China exports more than 60% of its software products to Japan due to the fact that a significant number of Chinese people know Japanese language. So they can easily develop software programs for Japan. Japan is anticipated to be the largest market for software exports for China for the predicted period. It is despite the fact that exports to Europe and America have also begun to gain momentum in the past two years. So, it is the perfect time for China to take its software business beyond boundaries.

The research report on “Opportunities in Chinese Software Industry (2007)” also addresses the issues and facts that are critical to your success, like:

– Factors driving growth and change in the market
– An insight into market trends
– China’s position in software outsourcing industry
– Government policies and initiatives for development
– Piracy rate in last few years
– Competitive environment and market leaders
– Opportunities, key Challenges and Strategies
– Future outlook of the software market

The report rationally analyses the existing trends of development in the Chinese software industry. It identifies the problems encountered by software industries and examines the responsible factors.

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