China’s Desire for High-Tech Phones Driving Software Demand

Dec. 22, 2006 – UK-based mobile phone software company Symbian stated a 52% third-quarter hike in the number of handsets using its software had been fuelled by the upsurging demand for high- tech mobile handsets by China. The software by Symbian makes mobile phones more sophisticated by providing features like camera, Internet and music. The firm reported on November 16, 2006 that the usage of its software in mobile phones had increased to 13 Million from 12.3 Million in the second-quarter of 2006.

The economy of China is burgeoning and the rising affluence is creating a huge middle class population willing to invest in trendiest must-have mobile handsets. Analysts approximates that mobile users in China bought 3.2 Million smart phones – phones with computer-like features – in the third-quarter.

Growth in smart phones in China will be a favorable impetus for Symbian, traditionally substantial in techno-savvy Japan and Europe. But the firm has struggled to foray into the huge potential market of US. The firm also hopes to multiply shipments by offering very low royalty prices to big customers.

As per a research analyst at RNCOS, who has recently researched a report on “Opportunities in Chinese Software Industry (2007)”, the swift growth of software in Chinese market results in the loss of customers in other countries and the trend will continue till the China software industry grow.

The market research report on China software industry also addresses the facts and issues that are critical to the success of your business, like:

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The report tracks down the existing development trends in the China software industry. It identifies and analyses the bottlenecks in the industry and drafts the factors that may influence the growth of Chinese software industry rationally.

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