Chinese Commercial Banks Suffer Less Bad Loans

Nov. 13, 2006 – China’s commercial banking sector is plagued by less bad loans, which were reported to be of 116.8 Billion Yuan by twelve joint stock commercial banks in the beginning of 2006. Non-performing credit ratio for key commercial banks in China slid to 7.6%, down by 1.3% points over the start of this year (2006). China Banking Regulatory Commission’s statistics show that bad debt in state commercial banks came down by 16.4 Billion Yuan, to reach 1.1 Trillion Yuan, by the end of Sep 2006. Bad debt ratio for these banks reached 9.3%, which was down by 1.2% points over the start of this year.

Towards the end of 2006, China will open up its financial sector, as per its commitment to WTO (World Trade Organization). Full entry of foreign banks will result in a great transformation in the outer environment of the commercial banks in China.

However, they will only be able to survive if they enhance income from businesses, besides interest rate, and improve capability of enhanced performance and service to customers. Commercial banks need to try to change the loan and credit structure, effectively and efficiently control the over-fast increase of long and mid -term loans, and develop credit services that drive consumption.

“The financial institutions in China have reported around 724 law-breaking cases so far, almost 190 fewer than the number in 2005. Financial institutions in Chinese banking sector ought to pay great attention to this type of cases, enhance corporate governance and establish long-term mechanisms to prevent risks”, said a RNCOS analyst who has recently researched a report on “China Banking Sector Analysis (2006-2009)”.

This research report on “China Banking Sector Analysis (2006-2009)”, also addresses some interesting issues for today’s Global business environment:

– Get insight in to current trends in the performance of market.
– Pinpoint sectors for growth and identify the factors driving change.
– Opportunities, Strategies and challenges in the banking industry.
– Identify market as well as brand leaders, plus, gain an understanding of competitive environment.
– The services drive the Banking Sector in China.

The report further provides extensive research and objective analysis on the growing banking industry, their product quality, and their services in India. This report helps clients to analyze the leading-edge opportunities critical to the success of the banking Industry in China.

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