Chinese Love for Travel Leading the Tourism Boom

Nov. 16, 2006 – There was an increase of about 21.8 percent in outbound tourism in China that reached around 35 Million in 2005. Today, Chinese tourists are the 2nd fastest in spending across the world. Last year (2005), China captured number-seven slot in travel & tourism. In 2015, it’s estimated to climb to second slot, next to U.S.

America is the most favored destination of ten long haul destinations for Chinese people traveling outside Asia. Increased disposable income is one major driver behind the growth in Chinese traveling overseas. Chinese people enjoy traveling a lot and it’s the topmost agenda of almost every Chinese.

“China Tourism Industry: New Opportunities for Growth (2007)” a recently published market research report by RNCOS provides an analytical overview of every aspect of the tourism industry in China. Detailed data and analysis will help the investors to comprehend the rapidly changing dynamics of Tourism industry in China.

As per the report, “Personal spending by Chinese tourists on Travel & tourism demonstrated a real growth of 10.7 percent in the year 2004 and 10.1 percent in the subsequent year (2005). It’s likely to observe 9.5 percent real growth per year between the years 2006 and 2015, however spending on Travel & Tourism shall rise between US$ 98.44 Billion and US$ 227.79 Billion.”

This report will help clients assess

– Emerging trends in the Tourism sector in China.
– Future prospects of the Tourism market in China.
– Key players in this sector.
– Opportunities and Challenges before the industry.
– Factors prevailing in the economy that influence the growth of Tourism in China.

The target audience of this report is

– Business analysts, consultants, investors and top management operating in the tourism industry who are closely following the developments in the Chinese Tourism Industry.
– Students, researchers, and individuals who need relevant and reliable information on the Tourism Industry in China.

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