Chloe Caroline Releases New Single

“A Kiss Don’t Lie” available on iTunes now.

Nashville, TN, July 27, 2015 –(– Chloé Caroline released her new single, “A Kiss Don’t Lie” on iTunes and all other streaming services on Monday, July 20, 2015. Like many of Chloe’s other tracks, this new song was inspired by her personal experience.

“I just got this melody stuck in my head and I had to record it,” said Chloé. “I was talking to one of my friends about some guy troubles. Either one or both people were denying they had any chemistry, but every time they’d kiss they both knew something was there. That’s when I knew what the song should be about.”

With an upbeat tempo, relatable lyrics, and the help of Ben Eggebrecht on guitar and harmony, “A Kiss Don’t Lie” is on course to surpass even her most popular song, “Daddy’s Song” in popularity on iTunes.

Along with the debut of the single on iTunes, Chloé released a music video for the song. With Ben on the guitar and Chloé by his side, it displays the ever-so-subtle romantic tension that’s evident in the song’s lyrics. In between verses, Chloé’s friends recount their first kiss experiences. Chloé invited her friends over without telling them about the questions she would ask. She wanted the stories to be authentic and relatable.

“Everybody remembers their first kiss. It’s a really important moment in anyone’s life,” said Chloe. “So I think this song is one that all of my fans can relate to.”

Fans can purchase “A Kiss Don’t Lie” on iTunes and view the music video “A Kiss Don’t Lie” on Chloe’s YouTube channel at For more information please visit or contact Lindsay Fellows at 310-714-3455 or
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