Christmas Family Tradition gets Released this Season

Nov. 20, 2006 – Krusky, who has written a series of short stories and poems, is publishing her Christmas story that has been a traditional family read every Christmas Eve.

“I enjoy seeing the children light up when I’m reading the coming of the Christmas Cat,” says Krusky. While the story is “focused on families with pets, writing and reading for children is where my passion is.”

Before the release of her children’s storybook, Krusky has worked for numerous years interacting with children on a daily basis. During that time, she observed how children seemed to shine with delight when she spoke of the characters in the magical Christmas tale.

She has recently co-founded the website, Belynda’s e-Home where several powerful poems can be viewed on the “Writer’s Corner” website page.

Krusky has been planning a series of books that will partner with lessons for children with pets. The family setting and the main characters, teach children the responsibilities of pet care in each story. The new series is expected to be published in 2007.

L.M. Richard, Siscan Publications president, says “Krusky’s work has been a real complement to the website and we’ve been getting some excellent feedback on this Christmas story already.”

Belynda’s e-Home just recently launched allowing the storybooks to have internet exposure. “It is my pleasure to share this Christmas tradition with children, says Krusky. “Many parents will also share the excitement of children on Christmas Eve while reading this special bedtime story.”

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