Christmas Magic Captured by a Pug Puppy

Nov. 15, 2006 – This is a Christmas story that keeps the reader connected to the main characters, Puggers, a pug puppy and the wise old cat, Crystal. At the beginning, readers are set up for the coming of Christmas, right up to the big event, when the Christmas Cat appears. Fun-loving characters seize the reader’s attention, drawing them into a plot that can only be experienced by this author’s passionate writing.

This Christmas storybook was inspired by the author’s love for animals and soon became a tradition to be read to her daughter every Christmas Eve by the Christmas Tree. The Christmas Cat story book is the first of a series the author will be releasing in the new year. Each story book will send profound messages and aid children in learning lessons of being responsible with their pets. The wonderful world of Puggers is sure to bring Christmas delight to young children and to the parents who make it a traditional Christmas Eve story time.

D. E. Krusky, grew up in Guelph, Ontario and now resides in a small community north of Sudbury. About 20 years ago, she discovered that Sudbury was without a Humane Society. She founded the Northern Animal Awareness Association (N.A.A.A.) which lobbied for the Humane Society that now resides in Sudbury. Her love for animals and her passion for writing have been combined to create learning lessons for children with pets.

Enjoy some Christmas magic this year! Make “The Christmas Cat” part of your Christmas tradition.

— End —