Clear® Registered Traveler and Luggage Forward To Work Together on Streamlined Airport Experience

Nov. 16, 2006 – BOSTON and NEW YORK, November 15, 2006 – Clear, the first privately run registered traveler program operating at a U.S. airport, and Luggage Forward, the leading provider of door-to-door luggage delivery worldwide, today announced the formation of a strategic partnership designed to provide airline passengers with a simplified, efficient and predictable airport experience.

As travelers face an increasing number of obstacles at airports, particularly during peak travel times, Clear and Luggage Forward are providing complimentary solutions that put convenience back in air travel. By eliminating the need to wait in long check-in and security lines, the two services allow travelers to get from the curb to their gate in a matter of minutes. Under the terms of the agreement, Luggage Forward clients will receive an extra month of Clear with the purchase of a two year membership, and Clear members will receive a 10% discount on Luggage Forward’s door-to-door luggage delivery service.

“We are committed to providing our travelers with a fast, convenient travel experience,” said Clear SVP of Strategic Sales, Fred Fischer. “Our partnership with Luggage Forward gives our members peace of mind about their luggage during the busy holiday season.”

Clear is currently operational at Orlando International with expansion planned in a dozen key US airports in 2007, upon approval from Transportation Security Administration (TSA). Clear allows members to pass through security lines faster and with less hassle, which allows for a more consistent and stress-free airport experience. Clear offers extraordinary customer service and a concierge to help with members’ carry-on luggage resulting in fewer missed flights. Clear is an especially good option for frequent fliers and business travelers.

“Luggage Forward is excited to be working with Clear, a company which shares the vision of enhancing the air travel experience,” said Zeke Adkins, co-founder of Luggage Forward. “Our clients value their time and are sure to realize the benefits of Clear membership.”

In addition to the convenience at the airport, Luggage Forward’s door-to-door service allows clients to eliminate the burden of carrying heavy bags to and from the airport, avoid paying excess baggage fees, skip the wait at baggage claim and remove the possibility of the airline losing their luggage. With 3.5 million bags lost domestically by the airlines in 2005, Luggage Forward provides a trusted alternative for those who require the security of knowing that their bags will be waiting when they arrive at their destination.

About Clear® and Verified Identity Pass
Verified Identity Pass’s Clear Registered Traveler is the first privately run registered traveler program operating at a U.S. airport. Clear has been operational since July 19, 2005, at Orlando International Airport and today has over 31,000 members. In September 2006, Clear began accepting online registration for New York JFK International Airport British Airways Terminal 7, as well as San José, Indianapolis and Cincinnati International Airports, and will launch operations there in the coming weeks, upon approval from TSA. Clear also has an agreement with Toronto Pearson International Airport to operate a Canadian program, working with Canadian authorities. In February, General Electric made a $16 million investment to become a partner in Verified Identity Pass. A Clear verification kiosk, co-developed with GE, with explosive trace detection and shoe scanning technology is being tested, in cooperation with TSA, at the Orlando Airport. Once approved by TSA, the new equipment is intended to allow members in the Clear lanes to keep their shoes and jackets on as they pass through the security checkpoint. For more information: and

About Luggage Forward
Luggage Forward, the leading provider of door-to-door luggage and sports equipment delivery to more than 200 countries worldwide, offers a wide range of tailored forwarding solutions allowing clients the convenience of traveling without their luggage. The company’s industry-leading website,, provides dynamically generated instant price quotes, online order booking and real-time luggage tracking. Clients choosing to book by phone speak to a dedicated Forwarding Specialist who individually monitors the shipment from initial inquiry to delivery using advanced order tracking technology. By eliminating long waits, the aggravation of lost luggage and the burden of carrying heavy bags, Luggage Forward allows clients to experience total travel convenience. For more information:

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