Clearview Resolution Services Celebrates Nation’s Birthday

Independence Day is one of the biggest celebrations and the whole nation gets to participate. This year in honor of the country, Clearview Resolution Services began a tradition with the workplace that they plan to carry on through the years.
For Clearview Resolution’s staff and families, the office funded a trip to Woodlawn Beach for the Fourth of July where a great deal of festivities were hosted for entertainment all day. It isn’t a good party with food and drinks and it’s not an awesome party without music, so all were a part of this year’s party. Plus, games were played around the beach for anyone to participate in.
With swimming, volleyball, sun bathing and day passes for bounce houses and jumbo slides, Woodlawn Beach was swarming with patriotic fun. Of course, with any great Fourth of July party, fireworks were the grand finale to the day, compliments of Woodlawn Beach.
A Most Patriotic Attire contest took place with a grand prize of $100, so all were dripping in red, white and blue to show off their patriotism and pride for America!
With so many games, entertainment and festivities, an Independence Day Celebration at Woodlawn Beach is an event that Clearview Resolution Services plans to repeat for summers to come for all their staff members and their families!
From Clearview Resolution Services to you, in honor of America and the month of July, Happy Independence Day! Thank you to all those who came out to Woodlawn Beach for the Fourth of July party!
About the company:
Clearview Resolution Services is a privately-owned collection agency working to provide clients with financial services to manage debt and recover funds. The company strives to create a better model for debt collection that works with clients and the debtor to achieve repayment and fully settle debts. Clearview Resolution Services is comprised of a dedicated team with years of experience in debt management and recovery for many clients in the Western New York area. The team is available to help locate and investigate bad debtors in order to resolve financial or legal evasion of debt. They work with corporations, offices and companies to develop a tailored plan of action for debt resolution. For more information, visit their website at