Clever House Global Offers Rapid Recovery Program for Property Damage Caused by Natural Disasters

Swiftly rebuild residences and businesses with patented steel and concrete building materials.

Mundelein, IL, May 16, 2015 –(– Devastation caused by recent tornado storms in the United States Midwest has resulted in loss of homes and businesses by victims of these natural disasters.

The typical cleanup and recovery period is a minimum one year or multiple years and proves to be disruptive to families seeking relief and shelter.

Clever House produces patented manufactured homes using steel and concrete panels that are rated for earthquakes to Richter 9 and can withstand winds up to 140 MPH. These factory produced homes range in sizes from 2 bedroom, 1 bath to 7 bedrooms, 7 baths and a 4 car garage.

A 2 bedroom, 1 bath structure can be erected by 6 workers in one day.

Clever House can provide rapid quotations and shipment for complete kits that include exterior/interior walls, roof structure, doors and windows.

Architectural plans that comply with ADA, HUD and other governmental agencies building codes can be accommodated with custom pricing provided.

In addition, customized structures can be provided for schools, houses of worship, retail, commercial and industrial to rebuild complete communities with a methodology that is “Better, Cheaper & Faster”

Clever House has a program for complete neighborhood development and construction, particularly for urban economic growth and development.

Please contact our marketing department disaster recovery specialty team for details at 224-425-9236 or visit our website
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