ClickSweeper: A pay-per-click bid-management and optimization solution from Varazo

Nov. 17, 2006 – Santa Clara, Ca (Varazo, Inc) October 6, 2006 – Varazo announced the release of ClickSweeper, a pay-per-click bid-management solution designed for the needs of small-to-medium businesses whose ad campaigns now include search engine marketing. An automated software tool, ClickSweeper lowers a firm’s overall cost-per-click rate while improving their website’s conversion count.

The initial focus of ClickSweeper’s development was to increase click counts within a given budget. While this technique, known as “budget-based bidding” is also employed by Google’s Optimizer, Varazo’s analysis suggested an alternate strategy that was less likely to trigger rapid keyword price increases, and also one which, in seeking out the least expensive keywords, maximized the total number of clicks within each day’s budget.

Varazo now offers ClickSweeper with expanded effectiveness so that it identifies which keywords go on to produce the most frequent conversions and invests more in the bidding for these keywords and less for the non-performers. Thus, ClickSweeper simultaneously improves click- and conversion-performance – automatically.

ClickSweeper manages all keyword bidding for Google, Yahoo or both. It further allows users to make bidding adjustments to achieve branding goals, to emphasize short-term promotions or to impose bid ceilings on selected keywords. While there are detailed on-screen displays that report down to the keyword level, users may find the comparison charts and trend graphs a quick and efficient way to monitor ongoing campaign performance.

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