Clinical Trialis Acomplia Rimonabant Zimulti

Dec. 18, 2006 – The trials of Rimonabant have proved to be extremely successful. Patients lost around 20 lbs after being treated with rimonabant with an intake of 20 mg per day. After treatment with Acomplia the metabolic syndrome 1 at baseline was reduced to half and reduction in the plasma glucose has also been noted. It is expected by the second half of 2006.

The study will prove whether Acomplia blocks the CB1 receptors in the brain, if its affects alcohol consumption. A study conducted on the animals proved that the CB1 receptors were blocked as the animals consumed less alcohol. It reduces the urge to smoke and reduces hunger pangs to a great extent.

A study proves that the pill has been successful in maintaining weight loss at least two years. Those patients who were being treated for anti – smoking, gained much less weight as compared to the other drugs that were available. The intake of Acomplia/Zimulti has doubled the chances of the individual quitting smoking to a great extent.

Acomplia/Zimulti was developed according to the hunger pangs cannabis smokers underwent. It was noted that if cannabinoids could increase the appetite, blocking the same could reduce the appetite. Screening of the candidates include questions related to alcohol and drug usage, physical examination, blood and urine tests and breath alcohol test. A questionnaire had to be filled by the participants stating the use of cigarettes, intake of alcohol, and their mental health history.

A lock called the heparin lock is placed in a vein the participants arm; it is needle that remains in the arm till the test is conducted. During the test which lasts 30 minutes participants fill up a questionnaire regarding their urge to drink and their mood.

The participants are given alcohol to consume within 5 minutes and monitored for the next 50 minutes. The study thereafter ends at 7pm and they are required to stay overnight in the hospital.

21 years to 45 years of age is the basic criteria for the study and the weight of the males should be between 60 kg and 90 kg and the weight of the females should be 45 kg to 80 kg.

It has been shown that 33% of the people using Acomplia lost 10% of their body weight and have managed to keep their weight steady for two years. The only side effects that were transient were: dizziness and mild gastrointestinal effects.


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