Collectible Celebrity And Cartoon Christmas Ornaments Hit The Market

Nov. 23, 2006 – PRESS RELEASE

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Just When You Thought It Was Safe To Hang Christmas Ornaments (along comes Londons

Times Cartoons Celebrity and other cartoon) Christmas ornaments.

Dateline: November 25, 2006 Hot Springs, Ar.

Over the years, creators, artists and other inventive-types have tried to create the perfect Christmas

ornament that would not only be enjoyed and amusing, but also would be considered a collectible.

Today Rick London, founder of Londons Times Cartoons and Londons Times Superstore

announced the release of “Cartoon Celebrity Ornaments”. Want to hang Beethoven on the tree?

Why not Kevin Bacon or Halle Berry? Prefer Michael Jackson or Mick Jagger? Why not John Cleese?

London says that there are several thousand ornaments in the inventory at his Londons Times

Superstore ( in about 20 different categories. All contain

cartoon images, and not all celebrities. Some other topics include pets, sports, relationships, science,

education, law, medicine, music, and many other subjects of interest.

This announcement came just two weeks after London announced the release of his other new

creation, the world’s first cartoon gourmet coffee gift baskets “Ruth London’s Exquisite Coffees”

named after his maternal grandmother who was a legendary coffee drinker and soap opera-watcher.

The Superstore features over 65,000 original cartoon gift items and collectibles and London says it

is probably one of the largest inventory of its kind on the Internet. The ornaments are 3 inches and made

of glossy high quality porcelain and sell for $12.75.

He adds, “We are not just about being creative and funny,” says London. We teamed with, a major manufacturer of such products and one of Ebay’s oldest and most successful

power sellers with 10,500 transactions under their belt at a 99.4% positive feedback rating, almost

unheard of at any Internet store or auction site. 3drose is a very professional organization with great

expediencey in delivery and a real stickler on customer satisfaction. They are very talented at what they do.

“Customer satisfaction is our major focus and we bend over backwards for them and are

honored when customers choose to shop with us.”



The coffee gift baskets sell for $44.95 and purchasers have a choice of several thousand cartoons from which to choose

to place on products. The gift baskets and other cartoon gift items are also manufacturered by of Harris, N.J.


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