Combination Pens Are the Hottest Trend in Promotional Pens Notes the Pen Guy

A combination of a pen and stylus or pen and highlighter is a great way to promote your business.

Jackson, TN, April 25, 2015 –(– Promotional pens can be a great tool for marketing your business. They can be inexpensive, and customers and prospects love free things.

What are the latest trends in promotional pens? According to Gary Austin of, combination pens are hot. The combination of a pen and stylus or a pen and highlighter are very effective in drawing attention to your company information that’s imprinted on them.

Below are several reasons why these pens can be a great tool for promoting your company:

1. With the proliferation of smart phones and tablets, your customers can always use a stylus with their devices. And, a highlighter makes a useful tool, especially when paired with a pen. Any type of pen is appreciated by customers but these new combination pens will help your company stand out.
Your promotional pen should have your company name, website address and phone number so it’s easy for your customers to remember and contact you.

2. Many potential customers will see the pen. People borrow from each other all the time. Sometimes, the only way to remember who gave you the combination pen is by what’s printed on it—brand recognition.

3. People love cool and free things. Most people will take the combination pens with them when leaving your business or trade show.

According to Austin, there are dozens of ways that pens can be used to promote your business including these situations. Here are 10 key times to use promotional pens:

1. At sports events
2. At disease awareness events/fundraisers
3. At medical offices
4. At conferences
5. At school fairs
6. For company anniversaries
7. For students
8. For election campaigns
9. At contract signing events
10. For product launches

There are many kinds of promotional products that can be used to promote your company but pens are the most universal, well-used and liked items available.
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