ComfyChemo® Relaunches. Still Helping Make Each Treatment Day Brighter with Their Line of Stylish Zippered Apparel for Easier Chest Port Access.

ComfyChemo® has redesigned it’s website and apparel and added new accessories. Their line of zippered clothing apparel is more comfortable than ever before and making chest ports even easier to access for a more comfortable treatment session.

Raleigh, NC, July 27, 2015 –(– ComfyChemo® LLC has just launched it’s newly redesigned website. ComfyChemo® Port-Pocket Apparel is a line of clothing made for patients undergoing certain life-sustaining treatments where special chest access is needed via a port or other venous access device. Their design has been loved by both patients and nurses alike since 2011 when they were one of the very first to come into the market. Missing from the action while they redesigned their products for even more comfort and accessibility, ComfyChemo® is thrilled to re-open it’s doors and is better than ever before.

ComfyChemo® has been known through the years for providing an extra special touch to each order they send out. Their personalized messages and gift wrapped boxes through their “Send to A Friend” program are sure to make each recipient’s day a little brighter. At ComfyChemo® their mission is simple- to make each patients journey a little easier by providing a little extra comfort in their lives.

In sticking with the theme of making each treatment day brighter, one of the new items you can purchase from ComfyChemo® is a treatment starter kit. This “ComfyCare” Kit contains all your most popular treatment day essentials including a super soft fleece throw, notebook with pen, gripper bottle with flexibile straw, clip on hand sanitizer, and stress squeeze ball. These items all come in a very durable and stylish zippered tote with plenty of extra room for books, magazines, or electronics. The perfect package to carry along on treatment days.

ComfyChemo® LLC was established in 2011 by a licensed registered nurse for the purpose of providing specialized clothing to meet the needs of patient’s undergoing chemotherapy treatment. She observed the need for this specialized port access clothing first hand while working in the oncology infusion room. ComfyChemo’s specialized line of port access clothing can be found on their website at (
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