Compass Business Solutions Exclusively Launches New Cisco CCNA Collaboration Certification with Access to DX70 and Other New Cisco Products

Compass Business Solutions, the leading authorized provider of training for Cisco’s Video Communication and TelePresence product lines, gives students access to courses and labs that prepare them for job responsibilities. Compass will exclusively be providing these courses using Cisco’s new DX70 desktop collaboration devices as well as offering access to video infrastructure not available elsewhere.
“As Cisco improves and expands its both its certification program and its visual communications product line,” stated Jules Trono, President of Compass. “Compass helps students get more than a certification. We help them stay knowledgeable on the leading edge of unified communication technologies.” Compass is the largest global provider who specializes in visual communications and telepresence product training, also offering private training sessions that are customized to focus on a customer’s current or planned video network.
“Companies expect 20% more productivity from their employees in the near short term,” said Donna Wyvill, Content Development Manager with Compass. “The only way to achieve that is to keep them trained and insure the training keeps them current.” Compass quickly incorporates new products into video network planning labs, addressing interoperability, security and product features needed by students.
Students or companies interested in learning more about Compass’ training programs in the US and globally can visit, and can contact Lisa Santiago at +1 (760) 688-4045 or +1 (877) 234-0635 for more information.
About Compass Business Solutions
Compass, the largest global provider of visual communications and videoconferencing product line training, provides a one-stop resource for sales, technical and end-user training.
Compass Business Solutions is a learning company focused on helping people use and support video and unified communication technologies to improve their business. Training sessions follow a best practices approach to optimize all aspects of video usage and support. Compass was founded in 2008 by industry professionals who have been working with telecommunication and video technologies since 1989 and who helped launch Tandberg University in the USA in 2006, then becoming Cisco’s first authorized TelePresence Specialist Learning Partner in the US.
Compass is a certified WBE/WOSB.