Complementary And Alternative Medicine Gaining More Popularity

Dec. 3, 2006 – Flemington, MO-December 03, 2006-Complementary and alternative medicine’s (CAM) popularity is rising and with good reason. More and more people are choosing CAM, most importantly, because it increases their options of affordable health care without the side effects or pain.

With a higher number of users reporting greater satisfaction than users of conventional approaches it seems obvious that CAM is here to stay.

“Now more than ever, there seems to be a predominate reason to look more closely at all your options, “ says Skidmore, “millions are being forced every day into federal government programs like federal disability or state medicaid programs. There are many working people who can’t afford insurance, or can not get it at all.”

Taxpayer funded health programs are seriously being scrutinized now and millions are falling through the cracks, as income guidelines continue to be lowered to qualify.

“For the working class poor CAM is gaining popularity and viewed as a ‘last hope’ for chronic illness,” says Skidmore, “besides CAM is becoming more widely accepted by conventional medicine and is often being used alongside with what has been considered standard treatments.”

Major manufacturing industries are also now panicking over the
spiraling costs of health care. The big three auto industry leaders are so concerned, that recently, they have asked for a meeting with President Bush to meet with them to help them find a solution.

“Apparently, rising health care costs have a very real potential to compromise this industries ability to profit,” states Skidmore, “last year all of the big three reported they spent more on health care per vehicle than on steel. That amounted to about $1,000.00 per vehicle.”

General Motors, the nation’s largest private health care provider, spent $5.5 billion on health care for 1.1 million employees, retirees, and their dependents.

Greg Martin a spokesman for GM said, “We’re not going into this meeting seeking specific relief for our industry. We understand that we have to win in the market place but there are issues of national importance like health care and trade that affect our competitive balance”.

The stakes in the health care game seem to be getting higher and more frightening with each passing year. Many are aware, and are paying attention, to this crisis that has been largely ignored by the federal government.

“There is a more affordable way anyone can use to substantially lower the rising costs of health care now,” states Skidmore, ”there are workable alternative sources to cure chronic illnesses successfully. Often it’s in the simplest of measures and substances that lead the way. I can help light that way for you.”

Brenda Skidmore is an alternative health care consumer advocate, and creator of a free weekly newsletter. Skidmore has written numerous articles relating to a wide variety of health care issues, and is the author of Disease And The Diet Connection/What Their Hoping You Won’t Find Out. This e-book is available for purchase and can be downloaded directly from the website at…

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