Complex decision making just got a lot easier! Krysalis launches OnBalanceV3. New for 2007

Dec. 22, 2006 – Decision Support is perhaps the most vital area of management practice today. Yet according to McKinsey ‘strategic planning processes fail to attain their main objective’.

Primarily this is because the business norm is to reduce everything to a simple comparative, and hoped for, indisputable financial calculation. And of course this reductive process becomes evermore inadequate the larger and more complex the decisions become. Yet these are precisely the critical decisions for the organisation!

Indeed it is for those large companies and organisations where the decisions involve many objectives and consulting stakeholders, where the process itself is increasingly seen as being almost as important as the outcome itself. Moreover the combination of transparency and audit-ability means that the decision itself and its outcomes are inherently more robust and much more likely to be universally endorsed. How is this achieved?

Following advances in Operational Research and the growing practice of Multi Criteria Decision Analysis the acceptance of Decision Support has grown. As the leader in the field, KRYSALIS developed a suite of software solutions which enable even the non-specialist manager to utilise sophisticated processes and tools to support their decision making.

From early use in Defence the practice of Decision Support is increasingly being used in Health & Government and now Business in general. In fact wherever strategic decision is arrived at, the process itself should act as a catalyst for the debate and be inclusive of all contributions whilst weighing up every factor.
Yet, how to create a level playing field?

Build a framework for fruitful debate?

Or facilitate cross-fertilisation of ideas rather than discount worthy options early on.

Krysalis OnBalance is the Decision Support software tool that enables all this and more and is already recommended by the government. Now with OnBalance V3 it is even more useful yet easier to use with new interfaces.

Unlike some other software solutions OnBalance V3 uniquely combines hard data with judgement to enlighten rather than obscure, encouraging consensus by positive involvement to harness on organisations collective wisdom.

So now the barriers to better decision making can be put in their rightful place. From over optimism, aversion to loss, sunflower management to the bias of champions; all can be set aside through the use of OnBalanceV3.

KRYSALIS offers full support not only in the use of OnBalance but also has an extended training and consultancy service to support the decision making process itself. Costs are surprisingly low considering the importance of the successful outcomes achieved.

So now Decision Making has got a whole lot easier and more effective too.

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Krysalis is a management consultancy and software solutions developer dedicated to the science of Decision Support. Krysalis was founded in 1988 and is based in the Thames Valley UK.
Krysalis clients include major Pharmaceutical, Oil & Energy Companies, top management consultancies and many government departments.
Krysalis key solutions are;-
OnBalance – Support to make the best single choice decision
HiPriority – Support to make the optimum portfolio choice

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