Conscious Capitalism, Inc. Announces Brett Hurt, Founder of Bazaarvoice and Coremetrics, and Scott McIntosh, Founder of MAC6 as New Board Members

The Board of Directors of Conscious Capitalism, Inc. announces the appointment of two new officers to the Board. The new appointments are Brett Hurt, Founder of Bazaarvoice, Coremetrics and Hurt Family Investments, and Scott McIntosh of McIntosh Engineering and MAC6.
“We are thrilled to have Scott and Brett join us on the Board as Conscious Capitalism, Inc. continues to build its capacity in response to the growing demand of the marketplace,” noted Doug Rauch, CEO of Conscious Capitalism, Inc. “An increasing number of companies are recognizing the fiscal and social benefits of operating more consciously, and Conscious Capitalism, Inc. is ready to support this burgeoning revolution. Scott and Brett’s deep experience in successful entrepreneurship and conscious leadership, as well as their individual commitments to community building, make them a perfect match for our already strong leadership team.”
Brett is co-owner of Hurt Family Investments (HFI) in partnership with his wife, Debra. Prior to HFI, Brett founded and served as CEO and President at Bazaarvoice for seven and a half years, leading the company from bootstrapped concept to almost 2,000 clients worldwide and through its successful IPO. At Coremetrics, Brett helped grow the company into a leading market analytics solution for the eCommerce industry.
Passionate about supporting entrepreneurs in his hometown of Austin, Texas, Brett serves as a Partner at Capital Factory and Mentor at Techstars Austin, and invests in early-stage companies, funds and philanthropic endeavors with HFI. Debra and Brett received the LBJ Humanitarian award in 2014 for their dedication to public service, philanthropy and the Austin community.
Scott McIntosh’s early career focused on underground mining engineering, operations and construction. He grew McIntosh Engineering to become a preeminent worldwide engineering, design and project management firm with $50+ million in annual revenue and 280 employees worldwide. After the firm was acquired in 2008, Scott began scouting for what was next.
Scott recently co-founded MAC6 in Tempe, Arizona, an early-stage business accelerator housing the High Performing Teams Leadership Academy in a 10,000 sq ft state-of-the-art co-working “Conscious Workspace.” As investors in many of the businesses that participate in the accelerator, Scott and co-founder son Kyle McIntosh believe financial success is a byproduct of innovation and achievement, leading to their focus on Higher Purpose and Conscious Leadership as the keys to maximizing financial and social impact return on investment.
Hurt and McIntosh join a 14-member board that oversees Conscious Capitalism, Inc.’s strategic development, governance policies and outreach initiatives.
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