Contact Lenses Need to Handled With Care

Dec. 22, 2006 – Contact lens wearers face a 1% chance of developing a serious eye infection over a 30 year period, according to recent research carried out in the United States.

The primary reason for this is the failure to look after lenses properly.

In other words, not following contact lens care advice can lead to the development of severe eye infections which in extreme cases can lead to the loss of vision. is the UK’s largest online contact lens retailer. It has developed a set of easy to follow care guidelines to prevent eye infections and to enable people to get the maximum benefit out of wearing their lenses.


 Stick to the schedule given to you by your optometrist about how long to wear your lenses for
 Always wash your hands before inserting or when removing your contact lenses
 Always use fresh, clean contact lens solution
 Throw away contact lenses that are faulty, damaged or dried out
 Change your lens case at least every three months
 Try not to handle daily disposable lenses more than you have to
 Rub and rinse monthly disposable lenses before inserting them


 Don’t sleep in your contact lenses unless your optometrist has said it is alright to do so
 Don’t re-use contact lens solution
 Don’t wash your lenses in tap water as it contains bacteria
 Don’t wear your lenses when you are swimming

Consult your optometrist if:

 Your eyes become irritated or red
 Your vision is affected
 You have any questions

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