Cooking with Holy Fire, Spiritual Revival in the Food Service Industry

Dec. 4, 2006 – Something undeniable is taking place today. God is at work – literally. Christians are beginning to impact their workplaces spiritually. The last five years have witnessed increasing numbers of:
• Men and women who overtly run their careers and businesses by Christian principles;
• Believers who are not afraid to share their faith with coworkers and business associates;
• Prayer and Bible studies on the premises of large corporations.
According to a recent study by the Norwalk, Connecticut-based research firm, Yankelovich Partners, 70% of those surveyed said they had discussed their faith at work, and 55% of respondents said they had prayed for career guidance.

What’s behind this wave of worship and faith in the workplace? The downsizings of the ’90s demonstrated that workers can’t rely on companies or careers for security. The secular workplace has let people down. Additionally, stress is a common factor in nearly all places of work. Many feel a need to reintegrate the spiritual into their professional lives.

Is this a fad… or is it a genuine move of God? Chef Fred Raynaud believes it is a genuine move of God. After the loss of his son, Fred Raynaud sought the Lord for a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ and started sharing his faith with his co-workers. Suddenly, Fred found himself surrounded with folks desiring prayer, he stated, “Many of our members here in Tampa, are hispanic…, and my Spanish isn’t that great. They would come to me at work asking for prayer. So there we stood, in the storeroom, 20 of us deep, all hand in hand…. As I prayed, I knew that there was a language barrier, but then I saw it. The Holy Spirit descended upon these saints of the Most High, and the tears began to flow. What I discovered was, in-spite of myself, Jesus was there, powerfully. It’s all about Jesus!”

What started out as a small revival in his kitchen, with more than 28 people coming to the Lord, has blossomed into an organization that stretches across the globe. The International Association of Cooks for Christ (IACFC), an international membership of cooks, chefs, and hospitality workers stretches from Florida to India, Spain to Australia, and across the USA.
Fred Raynaud, in his new book, “Reflections from the Kitchen, cooking with Holy Fire,” pours out his heart about faith and life, touching on everything…, from revival to the gospel revealed in the recipe for Hollandaise sauce.

“Reflections from the Kitchen” is not a cookbook. There are no recipes between its pages. What you will find is a look at Christ and His glory through the lens of the kitchen. The book takes you on a journey behind the scenes of the kitchen and reflects Christ in the day-to-day activities of working and worshiping within the “Marketplace.” It is a buffet table full of little morsels – chapters to cause you to ponder upon the richness of all that Christ is, as seen through the eyes of a Chef.

“I am convinced that painted across the canvas of every occupation, task, and job, you will see the reflection of Jesus sprinkled throughout. No matter what we do or how big, or small it seems – Jesus is waiting to reveal Himself to us – all we have to do is open the eyes of our hearts and the ears of our understanding, and listen to the whisper of the Holy Spirit as He points to the reflection of Jesus within our craft.” – Fred Raynaud

About Chef Fred
What do Pat Robertson, Johnny Carson, Frank and Barbara Sinatra, Frank Capra, Bob Hope, Dinah Shore, Ronald Regan, Marcia Gay Harden, Shaquille O’Neal, Penny Hardaway, and Anthony Bowie have in common?

The answer… They all have eaten from the table of Chef Fred Raynaud.

Esquire Magazine, Palm Springs Life Magazine, The Beverly Hills Club & Sports Magazine, Wine World, The Golden Chef, Gastronome Magazine, and Food & Wine Magazine…, all giving accolades to the cooking of Chef Fred. He has appeared on TV shows throughout the nation including the 700 Club with Dr. Pat Robertson. Chef Fred has been the recipient of many awards.

Today… Chef Fred is preaching revival and marketplace ministry to chefs, foodies, and anyone who eats… He has one message… “Prepare for the Wedding Supper of the Lamb…” Chef Fred has one mission… to ready a bride without spot or wrinkle.

Founder and President of International Association of Cooks for Christ (IACFC), Fred speaks to churches, at conferences, and to hospitality workers, professional Chefs, and food enthusiasts in the area of activation into marketplace ministry. His unique prophetic gifting combined with evangelistic zeal, and a laid back teaching style equips the church and those within the marketplace.

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