Copyhouse Press Announces New Forthcoming Fantasy Novel

Debut by Author Argent Hellion Takes Genre to New Heights – Fuses the Best of G.R.R. Martin, J.R.R. Tolkien and Mervyn Peake with the Heroes and the Horrors of European Folklore in a Unique New Setting that feels organic and alive.

London, United Kingdom, July 29, 2015 –(– Copyhouse Press Ltd of London are proud to announce the forthcoming debut novel by Argent Hellion.

The novel is an immersive epic fantasy, which takes place in a new and exciting setting developed by the author over many years. It fuses action, adventure and the depth of characterisation which naturally springs from such a vibrant milieu.

The style and substance of Argent Hellion Silvers’ work is reminiscent of the very best on offer from such genre titans as George R.R. Martin, J.R.R Tolkien and Mervyn Peake. Fans of roleplaying series will also feel at home, as the work combines the charisma and verve of classic Jackson and Livingstone, and the nuanced immersive intelligent fantasy of Dever’s Magnamund.

When the infusion of the author’s own unique twist on the soaring epic heroism and darkest horrors of the Eurpoean folkloric tradition is added to the mix, the result is an atmospheric fantasy of truly epic proportions which feels unique and utterly believeable.

The novel is currently in pre-production and is scheduled for release in early Q1 of 2016. It will be beautifully illustrated throughout and will be a must-have addition to any and every discerning fantasy fan’s bookshelf.

Argent Hellion can be contacted for interview via the Marketing Team at Copyhouse Press Ltd.
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