Cranberry Publishing Ltd releases new XBox 360 emagazine for free

Nov. 19, 2006 – Next generation gaming this month gets a next generation magazine with the release of a fully interactive, video enhanced emagazine from the UK’s specialist epublisher. Issue 1 of 360Zine has been created by a team with more than fifteen years experience in specialist press publishing, enabling Cranberry to bring the quality of newsstand publications to the emagazine format.

Written by well known games journalists the emag runs to nearly 40 pages and includes reviews of Gears of War, F.E.A.R., WWE SmackDown vs RAW 2007 and much more, plus previews including The Darkness and Lost Planet.

“We knew that the next generation of videogames consoles offered a unique opportunity to start something fresh,” says David Taylor, Publishing Director. “Just another print magazine wasn’t going to attract any interest, but an easily downloaded magazine in enhanced PDF format gives us the ability to offer all the best features of print: design, fonts, image quality, together with the best of digital: navigation, interactivity and video.”

Unlike other emagazines, Cranberry has chosen to give this emagazine away for free, with no charge to readers or any requirements for registration. By using an established format, the magazine doesn’t require any special software to be installed, just Adobe Reader version 6 or above. It also assures the reader that the magazine is safe from viruses or spyware.

“PDF is the default standard for producing print magazines, so it allows us to use all of the print design features in our electronic magazine unlike some other digital formats,” says David Taylor.

Issue 1 of 360Zine is available for immediate download from

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