CreoPop Opens Shop for Round 2 Pre-Orders – Only Till 11th June

After successfully completing it’s Round 1 crowdfunding campaign in Aug 2014, CreoPop is now accepting pre-orders for it’s round 2 of crowdfunding with

Los Angeles, CA, April 30, 2015 –(– A Singapore based 3D pen company, CreoPop, has gained a lot of press in the last year for being the only 3D pen that does not have any hot parts. They claim to be unlike other pens on the market that rely on melting plastic filaments under high temperature to create 3D objects. CreoPop, on the other hand, uses a blend of photo-polymer inks that solidify under a special LED light.

Till date, CreoPop has received at least a 6-digit investment led by 500 startups and seed investors and a whopping $200,000 from their round 1 of crowdfunding efforts at Indiegogo. CreoPop is now in it’s final stages of having the pen manufactured and shipped. They have just launched round 2 of pre-orders for their crowdfunding campaign at ( which will be live till 11 June, 2015.

Andreas Birnik, CEO of CreoPop, talks passionately about his groundbreaking technology and states that they, in fact, never sought out to creating a “3D pen.” He, and his team of material scientists, were conducting extensive R&D into different kinds of materials that can be solidified instantly and could be made usable in our daily lives. Some of the materials they were working with had magnetic properties, glow in the dark properties, aromatic properties, conducting properties, and glittering properties. The 3D pen was an obvious application of this one-of-a-kind technology.

Some of the applications suggested by the CreoPop team are creating glow-in-the-dark phone covers, so that phones are easily detectable in the dark, fixing broken objects around the house, drawing on a coffee mug with a temperature sensitive ink, making jewelry, making aromatic trinkets for the home or the car. Andreas says that he and his team are working incessantly to give the world a 3D pen that would essentially act like a magic wand.

The team is currently tweaking the pen to make it more user-friendly and fine-tuning its aesthetics. CreoPop 3D pens will be ready to be shipped in July 2015, with priority given to pre-orders.

Customers can place a pre-order for the CreoPop 3D pen till 11th June, 2015 Note that this is a crowdfunding campaign as well, so all the funds raised with this pre-order will be allocated to mass production of the pen and for further R&D activities.
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